September Super Sale

Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 10 AM

Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at Sanctuary Sprirts Hall  (previously known as Seven Islands Hall), Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.



001           Matt green Grueby vase with curdled glaze, 4”

002           Rainbow mother-of-pearl rose bowl, 4 ¾”

003           Carnival glass “Good Luck” blue opalescent bowl, 8 ¾”

004           Carnival glass 10 ½” marigold “Stag & Holly” tri-footed bowl

005           Carnival glass 11” cobalt “Stag & Holly” tri-footed bowl

006           Northwood amethyst carnival glass “Good Luck” low bowl, 9”x2”

007           “Peacock and Urn” carnival glass cobalt bowl, 8”

008           Carnival glass “Grape & Cable” green bowl, 9”

009           Northwood carnival glass amethyst “Strawberry” bowl, 8 ¾”

010           Northwood amethyst carnival glass “Grape & Cable” low bowl, 7 ¾”

011           Carnival glass blue “Leaf Chain” plate, 7 ½”x1 ¼”

012           Amethyst carnival glass “Three Fruits” bowl, 8 ¾”x1 ¾”

013           Northwood marigold carnival glass “Peacocks on the Fence” bowl, 8 ¾”

014           Northwood amethyst carnival glass “Wishbone” bowl, 9 ¾”

015           Green carnival glass “Three Fruits” bowl, 8 ½”

016           Amethyst carnival glass “Three Fruits” low bowl, 9”x1 ½”

017           Northwood marigold carnival glass “Strawberry” bowl, 8 ½”

018           Imperial marigold carnival glass “Luster Rose” plate, 9”

019           Marigold carnival glass “Cherries” tri-footed bowl, 8”x4”

020           Marigold carnival glass “Pony” bowl, 8 ½”

021           Scarce Millersburg green “Seacoast” pin tray, 5 ¼”

022           Cobalt carnival glass “Grape” creamer and cobalt carnival glass “Garland” rose bowl

023           Cobalt carnival glass “Holly Panel” whimsy and Northwood amethyst carnival glass

                 “Raindrop” vase, 11”

024           Roseville “Magnolia” teapot, #4

025           Roseville “Magnolia” creamer #4-C and Roseville “Magnolia” sugar #4-S

026           Roseville green “Zephyr Lily” cornucopia, 6”

027           Van Briggle “Lorelei” mulberry 11 ½” vase

028           Van Briggle mulberry ewer, 12”

029           Pair of Van Briggle turquoise tulip candlesticks, 3 ½”

030           Van Briggle mulberry vase with floral decoration, 4”

031           Van Briggle turquoise vase with butterfly, 4”

032           Mulberry Van Briggle “Sunflower” bowl with lid

033           Van Briggle mulberry vase with floral decoration, 8”

034           Roseville “Zephyr Lily” vase, #132-7”

035           Roseville pink “Snowberry” wall pocket, #1WP-8”

036           Roseville “Dutch Creamware” toothbrush cup, 5”

037           Roseville “Peony” console bowl, #431-10”

038           McCoy floral wall pocket

039           Roseville “Bushberry” console bowl, #1-10”

040           Pair of Roseville “Bushberry” candlesticks, #1148-4 ½”

041           Peters & Reed blue console bowl with flower frog

042           Brown Roseville “Zephyr Lily” leaf-shaped console bowl, 14 ½”

043           Peters & Reed “Moss Aztec” vase with pine cones, 9 ¾”

044           Blue Roseville “Columbine” ewer, #18-7”

045           English Arts & Crafts tile trivet

046           Van Briggle turquoise jardinière with acorns, 3”x5”

047           Pair of Cowan candlesticks

048           Van Briggle turquoise double candlestick and Van Briggle-style turquoise vase with dog

                 & puppies

049           Rumrill orange & green vase and Pisgah Forest turquoise vase

050           Roseville “Freesia” bud vase, #195-7”

051           Pair of Van Briggle mulberry candlesticks, 3 ½”

052           Van Briggle turquoise creamer and sugar

053           Roseville “Freesia” low bowl, #464-6”

054           Pink Roseville “Apple Blossom” vase, #385-8”

055           Roseville “Iris” jardinière, 4”

056           Green Roseville “Apple Blossom” low bowl, #326-6”

057           Weller Aetna “Iris” jardinière, 8”x10”

058           McCoy jardinière with crocus decoration, 6”x8”

059           Hull pink/green jardinière, #75-7”

060           Pair of Hull Art “Wild Flower” vases, #W-17-12 ¼” (one as found)

061           Blue Roseville “Fuchsia” jardinière, 4”

062           Roseville “Clematis” vase, #188-6”

063           Roseville “Peony” basket, #387-7”

064           Roseville “Bushberry” window box, #384-8”

065           Three Arts & Crafts copper & glass bud vases

066           Pair of copper Arts & Crafts double candlesticks, 7 ½”

067           Four Arts & Crafts copper candlesticks, 4”

068           Two Arts & Crafts hand hammered copper trays

069           Arts & Crafts copper candlestick and Arts & Crafts copper candle snuffer

070           Arts & Crafts copper candelabra, 11”

071           Arts & Crafts-style stained glass lamp shade

072           Roseville “Mostique” low bowl with unique gold glaze

073           Scarce cobalt Rookwood Arts & Crafts 16” floor vase, #800, 1916

074           Moorcroft vase with berry & leaf decoration, 5 ¼”

075           Moorcroft “Orchid” bowl, 2 ¾”x6 ¼”

076           Moorcroft “Tulip” bowl, 2 ¾”x6 ¼”

077           Moorcroft floral decorated covered dish

078           Oil on artist board landscape, signed A. F. Newedmer

079           Marigold opalescent carnival glass “Holly & Berry” ruffled bowl

080           Art Nouveau dresser top mirror, 16”

081           Art Nouveau dresser top mirror, 17”

082           Pair of cast metal boudoir lamps with Art Deco shades (one as found)

083           Cast metal boudoir lamp with reverse painted landscape shade

084           Art Nouveau boudoir lamp with end-of-day globe shade


110           Moriage pasteware vase, 14 ½”

111           Cobalt carnival glass ribbed vase, 15 ¼”

112           Four Steuben ribbed shades, unsigned

113           Steuben Aurene & calcite bowl, 3”x8”

114           Iris marigold carnival glass pitcher (as found) and marigold pressed/cut carnival glass


115           Northwood green 8” carnival glass “Tree Trunk” vase

116           Pulled feather shade (minor rim flaw)

117           Hand painted Fenton Burmese rose bowl, artist signed

118           Marigold swirl enamel decorated carnival glass pitcher, 12 ¾”

119           Marigold “File” carnival glass creamer and covered sugar

120           Marigold carnival glass “Stag & Holly” bowl with spatula feet, 7 ¼”

121           Marigold carnival glass “Holly Sprig” compote and marigold carnival glass “Open Lace”


122           Northwood marigold carnival glass “Butterfly” bon bon and marigold carnival glass

                 “Smooth Rays” plate

123           Fenton blue opalescent celery

124           Limoges portrait covered powder box and porcelain floral decorated covered powder

                 box (as found)

125           Porcelain hinged dresser box with enamel decoration

126           Pink cased glass bride’s basket with enamel decoration

127           Blue opalescent bride’s basket, 12”

128           Yellow “Coin Dot” ruffled bowl and yellow opalescent tri-footed bowl

129           Rosaline low bowl

130           Frosted blue cameo vase with enamel floral decoration, signed Daum Nancy

131           Three Victorian frosted art glass shades

132           Northwood ice blue opalescent “Fine Cut & Roses” tri-footed rose bowl

133           Three hand-painted winter scene shades

134           Hummel “Madonna” figurine, 10 ½”

135           Fenton cranberry creamer with shell form

136           Two green Jasperware hair receivers

137           Two green Jasperware covered dresser dishes and green Wedgwood covered dresser


138           Unusual green Jasperware candleholder

139           Two Wedgwood pin dishes and a green Jasperware pin dish

140           Marigold carnival glass “Octagon” pitcher, 10”

141           Marigold carnival glass vase, 9 ¾”

142           Marigold carnival glass “Ripple” vase, 7 ¼” and marigold carnival glass “Panel” vase,

                 6 ½”

143           Fenton marigold carnival glass “Blackberry” basket weave bowl

144           Green Kralik 2-handle base, 5 ½”

145           Hand painted Limoges covered sugar

146           Imari stick vase, 12”

147           Fenton pink cased glass “Drapery” vase

148           Satin glass vase, marked Roccoco Art Glass, 6 ¾”

149           Imperial purple slag glass owl

150           German mug

151           Fenton pink slag glass fairy lamp

152           Imperial purple slag glass covered dish with lion

153           Roseville “Donatello” candlestick

154           Chocolate glass nappy

155           Pink satin glass “Drapery Bead” muffineer

156           White stippled muffineer

157           Pink & light cased glass muffineer

158           McKee Glass Co. green “Croesus” water pitcher and tumblers

159           Four amethyst carnival glass “Butterfly & Ferns” tumblers

160           Four cobalt “Holly Panel” carnival glass tumblers

161           Four marigold carnival glass pressed cut wine glasses

162           Two marigold carnival glass “Grape” tumblers and marigold carnival glass

                 “Blackberry” tumbler

163           Large marigold carnival glass “Persian Medallion” tri-footed bowl

164           Fenton amethyst carnival glass “Butterflies” 2-handle bowl

165           White carnival glass basket weave bowl and white carnival glass “Bushel Basket”

166           Ice blue carnival glass basket weave intaglio bowl

167           Amethyst carnival glass “Bells & Beads” whimsy

168           Two marigold carnival glass toothpicks

169           Cobalt carnival glass “bird in cattails” egg cup and Imperial marigold carnival glass egg


170           White carnival glass “Corn” vase

171           Green carnival glass “Grape” hatpin holder

172           Marigold carnival glass “Peacock and Urn” compote

173           Marigold carnival glass “Pine Cone” plate and Northwood amethyst “Grape” bowl

174           Fenton cobalt carnival glass “Autumn Acorns” bowl

175           Amethyst carnival glass “Persian Medallion” ruffled bowl, 8 ¾”

176           Green carnival glass “Peacock & Grape” ruffled bowl, 8 ¾”

177           Marigold carnival glass “Mikado” compote with “Cherry” exterior, 7”x9 ½”

178           Marigold opalescent carnival glass “Ski Star” ruffled bowl, 10 ½”

179           Fenton amethyst carnival glass "Autumn Acorns" 3-N-1 bowl, 7 ¾”

180           Amethyst carnival glass “Butterflies” nappy

181           Amethyst carnival glass “Ribbon Tie” fluted bowl, 8”

182           Imperial green carnival glass “Scroll Embossed” bowl, 8”

183           Millersburg amethyst carnival glass “Blackberry Wreath” bowl, 10”

184           Northwood amethyst carnival glass “Grape & Cable” covered powder dish (as found)

                 and Imperial amethyst carnival glass “Scroll Embossed” bowl, 7 ½”

186           Teal carnival glass “Leaf Swirl” whimsy compote

187           Cobalt carnival glass “Peacock and Urn” compote

188           Amethyst carnival glass “Tree Trunk” vase, 7 ½”

189           Green carnival glass “Orange Tree” bowl, 9”

190           Amethyst carnival glass “Vintage” 3-N-1 bowl, 9 ¾”

191           Amethyst carnival glass “Grape & Cable” hatpin holder

192           Green carnival glass “Butterflies” 2-handle nappy

193           Fenton cobalt carnival glass “Two Flowers” bowl

194           Amethyst carnival glass “Good Luck” bowl, 8 ¾”

195           Amethyst carnival glass “Three Fruits” bowl with spatula feet, 9”

196           Green carnival glass “Vintage” bowl, 7 ½”

197           Amethyst carnival glass “Holly Swirl” bowl 9 ½”

198           Light green carnival glass “Hearts & Flowers” bowl, 8 ½”

199           Imperial green carnival glass “Scroll Embossed” bowl, 7 ½”

200           Green carnival glass “Blackberry Wreath” bowl, 7 ¼”

201           Green carnival glass “Peacock Tail” advertising bowl (General Furniture Co. 1910)

202           Fenton marigold carnival glass “Chrysanthemum” bowl, 9”

250           “Floral and Grapes” marigold carnival glass pitcher

251           Fenton “Butterfly and Fern” amethyst carnival glass pitcher

252           Fenton Cobalt “Blueberry” carnival glass pitcher with applied blue handle

253           “Holly” amethyst carnival glass ice cream bowl, 8 inches

254           Dugan “Round Up” cobalt carnival glass low bowl, 8 ½ inches

255           Spatula-footed “Two Flowers” carnival glass bowl in amethyst

256           Northwood green “Wish Bone” carnival glass 8 ¼-inch bowl

257           Fenton “Holly” carnival glass 9-inch amethyst bowl

258           Scarce marigold carnival glass “Seacoast” pin tray

259           “Orange Tree” marigold carnival glass footed bowl

260           “Wreath of Roses” marigold carnival glass bonbon and “Bird and Cherries” marigold

                 carnival glass bonbon

261           “Peacock and Grapes” stemmed carnival glass bowl and “Grape & Cable” marigold

                 carnival glass bowl

262           “Pony” carnival glass and “Sailboat” carnival glass marigold bowls

263           New England footed vase and cranberry “Ivy” Victorian creamer

264           Loetz/Kralik gold swirled vase, 8 inches

265           Loetz/Kralik pulled green vase, 6 ½ inches

266           Royal Bayreuth creamer and two hand-painted shakers

267           Royal Bayreuth juvenile creamer and juvenile shaker

268           Royal Bayreuth hunt-scene shaker and Royal Bayreuth juvenile candlestick

269           Royal Bayreuth demitasse cup/saucer and juvenile vase

270           Blue opalescent “Coin Dot” muffineer

271a         Three gold-tipped hatpins and one “Nickle” hatpin

271b         Seven rhinestone hatpins

271c         Grouping of Victorian hatpins, to be sold as one lot

272           Chocolate glass hatpin holder

273           Two swirl shakers and one leaf-form shaker

274           Roseville spongeware jardinière

275           Roseville “Rosecraft Vintage” 7 ½-inch vase

276           Niloak six-inch cream vase

277           Roseville “Carnelian” 4 ½ inch vase

278           Roseville “Luffa” 8-inch vase

279           Roseville “Florentine” 6-inch vase

280           Marblehead Pottery low pink bowl, 8-inches

281           Roseville “Donatello” low oblong bowl and Roseville “Donatello” 7-inch vase

282           Roseville “Donatello” 5-inch jardinière and Roseville “Donatello” 8-inch cylinder vase

283           Roseville “Donatello” 6 ½ inch x 3 inch bowl

284           Roseville “Donatello” shouldered vase

285           Pair of Roseville “Donatello” 10-inch candlesticks

286           Roseville “Mostique” low bowl

287           Gold hobnail bowl and Fenton cranberry cruet

288           Pink Mother-of-Pearl lamp

289           Nine-inch amberina art glass lamp

290           Victorian pickle castor with fork

291           Loetz/Kralik 10 ½-inch cranberry vase with applied threading

292           “Frontier” celery and “Fern & Daisy” pitcher

293           Decorated syrup and clear EAPG syrup

294           White Fenton bride’s bowl

295           Black amethyst Sandwich Glass Company “Pomade” 2-pc bear

296           Copeland Spode pitcher and Lambeth pitcher

297           Warick “Monk” mug and Warick “Native American” vase

298           “Onion” platter and “Onion” covered tureen

299           George and Martha T&V Limoges hand-decorated tray

300           Buffalo Pottery teapot (as found) and Roseville “Donatello” candlestick (as found)



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Directions: I-96 to Lansing Exit 93A, then 3 miles west on M-43 or M-100 to Grand Ledge then 1 block east on M-43 to 902 E. Saginaw Hwy (M-43)  Watch for  auction signs.

Break out your Holiday Spirit for this special annual auction event!

This year we have lined up 100's of Vintage holiday collectibles that are the highlight of this event.  High on the list are Halloween and Christmas antiques from some of the nicest collections to be found in the mid-west.  As the auction day approaches we will be adding more information and hundreds of photos for your inspection.

From a super estate we will feature 50 lots of antique German porcelain and comp dolls.  With the dolls we found three great toy highlights:  a "Galloping Pony" three-wheeled doll cart, and antique wooden "White Horse" gliding ride-on and a very nice antique wicker doll buggy with umbrella.

Watch this website.  We will be adding art glass pottery and more toys to this event as soon as we can complete the inventory and photography.

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