Hot August Blast Auction

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 10 AM

Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at Sanctuary Sprirts Hall  (previously known as Seven Islands Hall), Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.



Opening Items

O-01         Hand carved & decorated wooden duck decoy

O-02         Hand carved & decorated sleeping duck decoy

O-03         Hand carved & decorated duck decoy

O-04         Hand carved & decorated goose decoy

O-05         Cast iron "sitting duck" carnival target

O-06         Bronze running buffalo desk sculpture

O-07         Bronze resting buffalo desk sculpture

O-08         Antler candelabra

O-09         Hand decorated bark moose call

O-10         “On Watch” print in “On Watch” decorated Arts & Crafts frame

O-11         Brass Egyptian ashtray and carved whale tooth corkscrew

O-12         GAR Post 205 cannon ballot box

O-13         Spike horn antler mount

O-14         Tin dime bank; cast metal civil war toy and cast metal parachute toy

O-15         Two 1950’s deer racks

O-16         Pair of antique crystal whale oil lamps

O-17         Pair of antique cobalt whale oil lamps

O-18         Antique crystal whale oil lamp

O-19         Antique crystal whale oil lamp with squatty font

O-20         Antique copper oil lamp and antique tin finger oil lamp

O-21         Three antique crystal whale oil lamps

O-22         Pair of cast metal “weavers” bookends

O-23         Pair of cast iron clipper ship bookends

O-24         Pair of cast iron WWI bookends

O-25         Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 gauge shotgun

O-26         H & R "Topper 158" (unfired) 20 gauge shotgun

O-27         H & R "Model 400" 12 gauge goose gun

O-28         Sea King flat head boat motor

O-29         Vintage golf clubs and bag set

O-30         Auburn rubber tractor

O-31         “Great Lakes Exposition 1937” cane with original label

O-32         “Marabou Queen” rod & reel and three spare reels in case

O-33         Boker 2-blade pocketknife and Barlow pocketknife

O-34         Remington pocketknife and Multi-tool pocketknife marked USA

O-35         Two Imperial pocketknives with pearl handles

O-36         Schrade fisherman’s pocketknife and Wilton pocketknife

O-37         Two Case pocketknives

O-38         Pocketknife marked US and a wooden handle whittler’s knife

O-39         Boker 2020 pocketknife with wooden handle

O-40         KampKing pocketknife and Japanese utility knife with bone handle

O-41         Solinger advertising pocketknife and Klein pocketknife

O-42         Two Imperial pocketknives

O-43         Table top tent advertising display

O-44         Antique wicker fishing creel with leather trim

O-45         Pair of 56” snowshoes

001           Two hand-hammered copper trays

002           Copper ashtray/match holder and wrought iron & turned wood ash stand

003           “Guy’s Dropper” miner’s carbide lamp

004           Redware smoke set

005           Wooden pitcher, 4 ½”

006           Two beaded purses

007           German clay elk figure, 4 ½”

008           Clay “steer head” bank

009           Roycroft hammered copper candlestick

010           Carved Inuit seal hunter figure, 9 ½”

011           Carved Inuit man in sled

012           Hand carved folk art shore bird

013           Signed Olivas decorated frog effigy pot, 6 ½”

014           Cast metal owl candlestick

015           Wooden Arts & Crafts candlestick

016           Carved folk art horn with bear & panther decoration

017           Small wooden swift with wooden thumbscrew clamp

018           Hand carved wooden spoon with duck handle, 11 ½”

019           Hand carved wooden burled wide spoon, 9 ½”

020           Two hand carved wooden wide spoons, approx. 8” each

021           Hand carved pineapple handle slotted wooden spoon and hand carved wooden wide


022           Two hand carved wooden spoons, 8 ¼” and 11 ½”

023           Three hand carved wooden spoons, each 9 ½”

024           Two Bennington/Rockingham pottery bowls, 9” and 10”

025           Bennington/Rockingham pottery “bucket”, 6 ½”x8 ¼”

026           Bennington/Rockingham pottery pie plate and Bennington/Rockinghampottery squatty

027           6 ½”x6” Native basket with diamond decoration & lid

028           6”x4 ¼” Native American brown tone basket with lid

029           5 ¾”x5” Native American geometric basket with lid

030           Grouping of miniature Native American baskets, vessels & trays

031           Pair of copper wall pockets

032           Jarvie-style brass candlestick lamp base, 12”

033           Four oval hand hammered copper sink basins, 21”x15”, to be sold as announced

034           Three 6” pewter syrups with acorn thumb tabs

035           Antique pewter flagon with “Question Mark” handle by Sheldon Feltman, Albany,

                 c.a. 1847

036           Antique pewter flagon marked A. Griswold with eagle stamp

037           Cast iron dog doorstop in brown tones

038           Acoma pot with lizard, bird & fish decorations, 11”

039           Acoma 8” pot with geometric decoration

040           Acoma pot with geometric decoration, 5”x6”

041           Acoma pot with geometric decoration, 5”x6 ½”

042           Acoma 3” pot with polychrome decoration signed M.Z. Hopi Bird

043           Carved dresser box

044           Clay ornament mold

045           Copper & brass 12 ½” charger

046           Arts & Crafts hammered syrup

047           Arts & Crafts hammered dresser box and Arts & Crafts hammered oval tray

048           Hand painted Limoges mug with Native American decoration

049           Pair of miniature enameled framed pictures

050           Metal mouse paperweight

051           SilverCrest brass & copper ashtray

052           Metal clad pig & piglet paperweight

053           Framed Pewabic-style Arts & Crafts pottery tile

054           Hand tinted “The Ruins of the Old Fort, Connecticut, Rhode Island” etching and hand

                 tinted etching of Colonial gentlemen

055           Arts & Crafts mantle clock

056           Burled wooden 2-drawer sewing box with pincushion & threaded wooden clamp

057           Brass Arabian desk sculpture, 16”

058           Two tone “Buttocks” basket

059           Wall pocket basket and “Buttocks” basket with hinged lids

060           Horn & metal hunting horn

061           Native American pot with rawhide decoration

062           Arts & Crafts chandelier with four hanging lights

063           Pair of andirons with eagle motif

064           Antique quarter sawn oak “traveling office” (as found)

065           Hand tinted Wallace Nutting print

066           Wooden folk art game board

067           Unframed oil on canvas laid on panel landscape with Native American, 30”x48”

068           “Harvest Moon” print in Arts & Crafts “Harvest Moon” carved frame

069           Print of Indian in canoe by Benjamin Eggleston, framed to 28”x43”

070           Peters & Reed style pottery 9”x10 ½” crow figure

071           Multi-color Indian motif tapestry

072           Beaded leather Native American pouch

073           Pair of beaded leather Native American moccasins

074           Two pair of beaded leather Native American moccasins

075           Pair of beaded leather Native American moccasins and beaded leather wallet

076           Pair of large fur moccasins and pair of small fur & beaded moccasins

077           Two pair of beaded, leather children’s moccasins and fur legging

078           Carved meerschaum pipe

079           Grouping of Native American & Southwestern themed postcards

080           Pair of copper & brass shakers and five bear claws

081           Parrish-style print in original frame, framed to 10 ½”x32 ½”

082           Quarter sawn oak photo file

083           Eight Keystone View Co. Native American related glass slides

084           Keystone View Co. glass slides in original box

085           Large grouping of stereo view cards

086           Room sized (5'X8') red/black/gray geometric Navajo rug

087           Vintage 64”x64” Pendleton blanket with fringe

088           Antique Navajo rug with red, black & gray geometric pattern, 87”x51”

089           Antique Navajo “Two Gray Hills” rug in black, red, cream & gray with orange accents,

                 80”x52 ½”

090           Antique Navajo rug in red, black, brown & beige with zipper pattern, 61”x36”

091           Antique Navajo rug in brown, red & beige, 69”x47”

092           Antique Navajo rug in gold & tan with red accents & brown border, 57”x37”

093           Antique Navajo rug in brown, red & gray-green, 63”x35”

094           Antique Navajo rug in brown & brown tones, 80”x41”

095           Antique Navajo “Eye Dazzler” multi-color rug in black, orange, brown, red & green,


096           Antique Navajo rug in red, brown & tans, 40”x24”

097           Antique Navajo “Two Gray Hills” rug in brown, red & tan, 45”x31”

098           Antique Navajo rug in brown, beige & red, 57”x33”

099           Antique Navajo runner in brown, beige & red with one end fringed, 34”x16”

100           Heavy pile brown & red door mat with Indian motif

101           Brushed wool Native-pattern rug in brown, beige & tan, 73”x49”

102           Indian motif mat, 31”x21”

103           Small silk Persian rug

104           Approximately 16”x16” woven rug

105           Woven bag

106           Warwick souvenir vase with Indian motif, 8 ¼”

107           Warwick souvenir vase with Indian motif, 7 ½

108           Warwick 7 ½” beaker vase with Indian motif

109           Warwick 7 ½” beaker vase with Indian motif

110           Warwick beaker vase with Indian motif, 7 ½”

111           Warwick beaker vase with Indian motif, 7 ½”

112           Green Warwick souvenir vase with Indian motif, 4 ½”

113           Warwick 7 ½” souvenir vase and 5” Warwick souvenir vase

114           12” Florentine Art cameo vase

115           Fenton Peppermint Swirl lamp

116           Cosmo miniature lamp and blue glass finger lamp

117           Hummel “Apple Tree Girl” figurine

118           Hummel “She Loves Me” figurine

119           English Allerton flow blue polychrome pitcher and Wood “Florence” flow blue oval bowl

120           Etched crystal 4-section server and 6” cut glass plate

121           English porcelain syrup with enameled water lilies and English enameled teapot with

                 matching trivet

122           Green “Lacey Medallion” tumbler; red tumbler with gold flashing and blue opalescent


123           Blue opalescent “Daisy & Fern” ewer and blue diamond quilted cased glass cruet

124           Bohemian ruby flash cruet and Mary Gregory cranberry cruet

125           Early Royal Doulton 7” pitcher

126           1856 Daguerreotype with Gutta Percha case

127           Stevens & Williams style ewer with mica fleck decoration and end-of-day rose bowl

128           James W. Tufts calling card tray

129           Four Limoges 7” dessert plates and German porcelain server with rose decoration

130           German child’s tea set

131           Fenton artist signed Christmas bell and luster bowl with holly decoration

132           White depression “Zane” sandwich server and Westmoreland Mary Gregory plate

133           Godey’s Lady’s book; postcard and piece of advertising

134           Tiffin compote; blue Colorado violet bowl and blue Sandwich cup plate

135           Chocolate set cup & saucer; gold embossed floral cup and pink luster miniature


136           Imperial smoke octagon toothpick; blue English toothpick with gold tracing and blue

                 swirl miniature mug with gold tracing

137           Two Nippon footed nut cups; sugar tongs and porcelain nut cup with enamel decoration

138           Victorian papier-mâché tray and blue ironstone gravy with underplate, c.a. 1860

139           Dutch courting mirror

140           Oval wall mirror

141           Ingraham oak “Detroit” gingerbread clock with thermometer

142           Walnut Welch advertising wall clock

143           Hanging mission stained glass lamp

144           Oak base floor lamp with forest decorated stained glass shade

145           Arts & Crafts floor lamp with horizon stained glass scene

146           Arts & Crafts wrought iron floor lamp

147           Arts & Crafts magazine/linen rack

148           Arts & Crafts Morris chair

149A        Signed “Yazzie” 27” Hopi Kachina "Grass Dancer" on wooden platform

149B        J.A. Mitchell (listed artist) oil on canvas board “Autumn Colors”, 20”x24”

150A        Late 1700’s wide-board walnut hand-carved chest with Fleur-di-lis & lion carvings

150B        Early 1900’s oak library table with double column base

151           “King” double-key French horn in original case   

152           Five Bohemian liqueur glasses

153           Pair of late 19th century hand-carved soapstone figures

154           Phoenix/Consolidated Foxglove vase, 10 ½”

155A        Late 1800’s photo album with photos

155B        Grouping of mixed postcards

156           Phoenix/Consolidated 6” Dragonfly vase

157           Phoenix/Consolidated 6 ¼” floral vase

158           Phoenix/Consolidated 5 ½” lavender hummingbird vase

159           Moser blue enamel decorated 12” vase with applied acorns & bird of paradise

160           Moser green enamel decorated finger bowl and underplate

161           Loetz/Kralik 5” vase with applied decoration

162           Loetz/Kralik oil spot vase, 5 ¾”

163           Miniature “Moon” art glass vase

164           Royal Bayreuth miniature vase with roses

165           Coralline decorated rose bowl, signed Webb

166           Stevens & Williams style vase, 5 ½”

167           Cast metal desk statue of shepherd

168           Murano quilted paperweight

169           “Hanging Hearts” art glass paperweight

170           Pink art glass basket with applied black handle

171           Art Nouveau inkwell with cherub motif

172           R.S. Prussia red mark cracker jar

173           Two metal note clips

174           Two R.S. hat pin holders

175           Two hand painted Nippon bud vases

176           Hand painted Nippon hat pin holder and hand painted Nippon bud vase

177           Art Deco desk statue with three bronze dogs

178           Art Deco “Musician” desk statue signed K. Perl

179           Art Nouveau “La Danse Des Nymphs” bronze statue

180           Alabaster figural lamp with shepherd boy and lamb, overall 27 ½”

181           Hand painted “Puffy” table lamp

182           Moser enamel decorated vase (as found)

183           Two piece oak corner cupboard


J-01          Three silver decorated rings, one marked R. Betsoi

J-02          Three silver & turquoise rings, one marked sterling

J-03          Four silver rings, one marked sterling

J-04          Silver & gem stone watch bands

J-05          Silver & turquoise bracelet, artist signed

J-06          Three silver & gem stone lady’s rings, two with artist signatures

J-07          Three silver & gem stone lady’s rings, one artist signed, one marked sterling

J-08          Three silver & gem stone lady’s rings, one marked sterling, two with artist marks

J-09          Four silver & stone bracelets

J-10          Four silver & stone bracelets

J-11          Two silver & turquoise necklaces and two silver & turquoise bracelets

J-12          Seven silver & stone lady’s rings

J-13          Six silver & stone lady’s rings

J-14          Twelve silver & stone scatter pins & pendants

J-15          Three silver & stone brooches; two silver & bead necklaces; two pair of earrings and

                 mixed grouping of silver jewelry

J-16          Three bracelets and hand hammered silver folding cup marked 1897

J-17          Five carved stone animals

J-18          Sterling & turquoise necklace and two silver & turquoise necklaces (one artist initialed)

J-19          Sterling collar necklace with 3 lapis stones

J-20          Sterling & onyx earrings; sterling necklace chain and shell necklace

J-21          German silver frame steel mesh purse

J-22          Whiting Davis purse with rhinestone clasp

J-23          Sterling nut bowl and small sterling ladle

J-24          Wahl and Schaefer gold filled mechanical pens

J-25          Two Victorian silver-plated napkin rings and silver plated collar button box

J-26          Two sterling top dresser jars

J-27          Antique milk glass covered ring dish

J-28          Moser-style enamel decorated ring dish and antique wick trimmer


X-01         Elgin mantle clock

X-02         Kundo 400 day mid-century anniversary clock

X-03         Two Gutta-Percha daguerreotype union cases

X-04         Two antique photo/daguerreotype union cases

X-05         Roseville Fuchsia two-handle vase, #895-7”

X-06         Wood & cast metal coffee grinder

X-07         Green depression era wine decanter set with under tray, marked E.S.B. Co.

X-08         Pair of Godey fashion prints in oval frames

X-09         Cast iron “pointer” dog doorstop

X-10         Pair of framed painting on glass portraits of George Washington and Ben Franklin

X-11         Portrait on panel, signed J.B., West collection

X-12         Mahogany wall mirror with eagle carving

184           Photo in walnut frame of Civil War era soldier, highlighted

185           Two cabinet cards and two CDV’s of Civil War soldiers

186           Two cabinet cards; two postcards and a Sitting Bull card

187           Four cabinet cards of uniformed men

188           Three cabinet cards of women

189           Grouping of cabinet cards; two first day covers and postcards

190           Brass Oriental motif pen wipe

191           Tiffany Studios brass bud vase holder, #1048

192           Three brass Oriental bud vases

193           “108th Regiment New York Volunteers 1862-1894” reference book

194           Three Moorcroft bowls, 3” to 4 ¼” (one as found)

195           Moorcroft “Pomegranate” vase, 4”

196           Blue/brown Niloak vase, 6 ½”

197           Small pre-1900 cap gun

198           Bornholm pottery vase with incised bird decoration, 10”

199           Pottery vase with silver medallion decorations, 7 ½”

200           Arts & Craftds brass rabbit head letter opener, 12”

201           Silver Crest Arts & Crafts silver over copper 6” vase, #1087

202           Benedict “Curio Bronze” vase, 6 ½”, #1226

203           Silver Crest 9 ½” vase, c.a. 1925

204           Silver Crest bronze 7” vase, #2017

205           Hand hammered Sheffield footed dish

206           11 ¼” bronze vase with two side rings

207           Pair of 14 ¾” Mettlach vases, #1516

208           Mettlach fernier vase with brass base

209           Bronze 10 ½” vase with poppy decoration

210           Bronze 9 ½” flared top vase

211           “Craftsman” copper vase, #338

212           Benedict 5 ¾” bud vase, #211

213           12 ½” Native American low form basket

214           5”x8” Native American basket

215           5 ¾”x7” Native American tapered basket with geometric design

216           4 ½”x7” Native American basket with geometric design

217           Native American basket with geometric design, 3”x7 ¼”

218           Native American basket with red tones, 5 ½”x8 ½”

219           Native American tapered coil basket, 8 ½”x13”

220           Native American coil basket with deer decoration, 9”x9 ½”

221           Hand woven 11” tray basket with handle

222           Burled wooden bowl, 10 ½”x5”

223           Carved wooden “fish” knife, 4 ½”

224           Two carved wooden paddles

225           Arab print under glass and carved wooden frame

226A         Framed sailing ship diorama, framed to 32”x44”

226B        Framed duck taxidermy diorama

227           Native American coil basket with lid & red geometric decoration, 9”

228           Two Native American baskets with lids

229           Copper clad stagecoach wall sculpture, marked Perante Maldonodo, 14”x24”

230           Currier & Ives “The Star Spangled Banner” print

231           Signed Wallace Nutting print, 14 ½”x19”

232           Antique steel engraving “Philadelphia”

233           Bennington/Rockinghampottery mixing bowl, 5”x11 ¼”

234           Bennington/Rockingham pottery pitcher, 8 ½”

235           Hand carved wooden rolling pin, approx. 18”

236           Two folk art wooden carvings

237           Wooden folk art carving and folk art mechanical snake bite whimsy

238           Inlaid wooden box and a carved wooden frame

239           Burled walnut paddle, 10”

240           Burled, carved wooden masher and a carved wooden mold

241           Treenware bank and clay “Hippo” folk art bank

242           Four miniature Treenware measures

243           Bronze girl with dog statue, 5 ¾”

244           Brass miniature boat; cast metal topper and bronze miniature dog

245           Hand hammered brass & copper box

246           Cast metal “Mutt & Jeff” bank

247           Two miniature cast metal souvenir dogs

248           Hand hammered copper 8” plate with Native American decoration

249           Brass stump ashtray; two brass bowls and brass sailing ship  gong

250           Hand carved wooden folk art nutcracker, 8 ½”

251           Steel engraving illustrated “British Painters” leather bound book, first edition

252           Blue sponge decorated pitcher, 7 ½”

253           Blue sponge decorated creamware pitcher, 7”

254           Blue & white decorated pitcher, 9”

255           Bennington/Rockingham pottery 2-handle covered storage jar, 7 ½”x8”

256           Four Bennington/Rockingham pottery oval nested bowls, 7 ¼” to 11 ½”

257           Bennington/Rockingham pottery 3 ½”x11 ¼” bowl

258           Four Bennington/Rockingham pottery plates, 9 ½”

259           “Spark Plug” glass candy container

260           Bennington/Rockingham pottery “bucket”, 4”x7”

261           Large Bennington/Rockingham pottery pitcher

262           Yellow ware hand decorated landscape pedestaled bowl

263           Enamel decorated Oriental center bowl

264           Wooden cigarette dispenser

265           “The Standard Products” humidor

266           Egyptian motif desk clock

267           “Rodeo Rider” bucking horse balancing toy

268           Bronze Egyptian Sphinx desk statue, 9”x5”

269           Bronze Oriental desk statue, 6 ½”

270           “The National Memorial Stone Co” advertising thermometer

271           Redware 7” jug

272           Redware 4 ¾” pitcher

273           Two Bennington/Rockingham pottery dog dishes, 5 ½” and 7”

274           Two brown redware jugs, approx. 7”

275           Two small brown redware jugs

276           Brown redware 4 ¾” pitcher

277           Native American black pottery whistle

278           Native American black pottery necklace

279           Two Bennington/Rockingham pottery bowls, 8 ¼” and 8 ¾”

280           Two Bennington/Rockingham pottery low bowls, 7” and 8 ½”

281           Bennington/Rockingham pitcher with tulip decoration, 8 ½”

282           “On Watch” Native American print in Arts & Crafts hand carved frame

283            Arts & Crafts Native American plaque

284           “Egyptian Cat” bronze desk statue, 8”

285           Sculpted horse head flue cover

286           Indian chief perpetual desk calendar

287           Luster motto-ware colonial pitcher

288           Coiled snake Acoma pot, signed Pitra Mindez

289           Turtle effigy pot

290           Five 8 ½” luster plates, 1828

291           Hand painted wooden bowl with original old paint, 5”x15 ½”

292           Oriental compass/calendar

293           “U.S. Treasury Department Specimen’s” portrait book and “Portrait Gallery, Vol II” book

294           “The Homes & Haunts of Our Elder Poets” book and late 1800’s Bible

295           Carpet seller lamp

296           Arts & Crafts wood & hammered copper 14” sconce

297           German hand hammered copper double candlestick with Viking ship, 12 ½”

298           Cast iron cat paperweight, 3 ½”

299           Bennington bowl with Rockingham glaze, 2 ½”x11”

300           Two 10 ½” Bennington/Rockingham pie plates

301           Two 10 ½” Bennington/Rockingham pie plates

302           Two 10 ¾” Bennington/Rockingham pie plates

303           Three Bennington/Rockingham pie plates, 8 ½”; 9 ¼” and 9 ½”

304           Acoma carved pot with luster finish, signed L. Ortiz

305           Arts & Crafts hammered tray, 21”
306           Black/black tri-footed decorated bowl

307           Copper inkwell and matching paperweight

308           Two pair of Arts & Crafts hand hammered bookends

309           Pair of cast iron “End of Trail” bookends

310           Pair of cast iron “End of Trail” relief bookends

311           Pair of Arts & Crafts cast iron sailing ship bookends

312           Pair of cast iron grazing saddled horses bookends

313           Pair of cast iron camels bookends

314           Pair of cast iron Spartan & horse bookends

315           Pair of metal sailing ships in relief bookends

316           Miniature 3-band yellow-ware bowl and small carved seal marked Canada

317           Bennington/Rockingham shouldered pitcher, 10 ½”

318           Spongeware pitcher with blue band, 8 ½”

319           Two blue & white spongeware pitchers, 8 ½” & 6”

320           Two Bennington/Rockingham mugs and three Bennington/Rockingham scroll bowls

321           Bennington/Rockingham pitcher with hunt scene, 10”

322           Bennington/Rockingham pitcher with hunt scene, 9”

323           Acoma pot, signed Rosie Lopez and unsigned Acoma pot

324           Two polychrome bowls

325           Three small black/black Native American artist signed pots

326           Decorated black/black snake bowl, signed Maluisa Talavera

327           Black/black decorated bowl

328           Black/black decorated wedding vessel, signed Hortensia Andana

329           Three miniature artist signed black/black pots

330           Buttocks basket

331           Wedding vessel, signed Hopi Bird and multi-colored wedding vessel

332           Snake pot, signed Imelda Quizada and two multi-colored pots

333           Cast iron bank and cast metal “Chief Potomac” bank

334           “Mamod Steam Tractor” toy engine

335           “Jeffrey’s Antique” barn lantern

336           Antique globe lantern

337           Antique wood/glass candle lantern

338           Arts & Crafts silver on copper engraved 3-footed plate

339           Nine milk glass eggs

340           Two pair of brass “push up” candlesticks, 11 ½”

341           Tin/glass lantern and pair of copper candlesticks

342           Hand painted Sevierville Pottery tobacco plant vase and Weller decorated vase

343           Two Bennington/Rockingham pitchers

344           Two blue & white spongeware pitchers

345           Seth Thomas advertising clock

346           Three spongeware pitchers

347           Enamel decorated harbor scene dresser dish and Prov. Saxe vase

348           Metal embers sifter and cast iron boot jack

349           Leather bound edition of “Biography of Illinois”

350           “Cookies” spongeware crock, 9 ½”

351           Three Bennington/Rockingham bowls

352           Four 10” Bennington/Rockingham pie plates

353           Three Bennington/Rockingham bowls and blue & white spongeware bowl

354           Three Bennington/Rockingham bowls

355           Bennington/Rockingham platter; two Bennington/Rockingham plates

356           Five Bennington/Rockingham pie plates

357           Three carved wooden ceremonial masks

358           Brown crockery jug and brown crockery pot

359           Pair of white cast iron floral bookends

360           Pair of cast iron bookends and a pair of comp bookends with Indians circling the


361           Southwest Indian/airplane print

362           Hand hammered metal clad ship in relief

363           Three piece wall mirror set



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Directions: I-96 to Lansing Exit 93A, then 3 miles west on M-43 or M-100 to Grand Ledge then 1 block east on M-43 to 902 E. Saginaw Hwy (M-43)  Watch for  auction signs.

September promises to be another outstanding auction month for collectors and dealers alike.  We have just received word that we will be representing a very nice estate that is packed with family treasures.  As we make our selections we will post photos and additional information to this website. 

To date:  We will feature a nice collection of carnival glass vases, bowls, plates and whimsies (Good Luck, Butterfly, Peacock, Three Fruits, Holly, Wishbone, Strawberry and much more); Art glass including Tiffany, Steuben, Daum and Victorian pattern glass; Royal Bayreuth collection; Roseville Art Pottery (Luffa, Donatello, etc.); Marblehead low bowl; Loetz/Kralik art glass vases; Large Moriage vase; Jasperware; "Onion" flow blue platter and soup tureen; Shakers and muffineers; Chocolate glass nappy and hat pin holder . . .

Toy-Doll-Vintage Holiday Auction
October 25th,  10 am

Grand Ledge, MI


Location: “Sanctuary Spirits Hall” previously known as Seven Islands Hall, 902 E. Saginaw Hwy., Grand Ledge, MI.


Directions: I-96 to Lansing Exit 93A, then 3 miles west on M-43 or M-100 to Grand Ledge then 1 block east on M-43 to 902 E. Saginaw Hwy (M-43)  Watch for  auction signs.

Break out your Holiday Spirit for this special annual auction event!

This year we have lined up 100's of Vintage holiday collectibles that are the highlight of this event.  High on the list are Halloween and Christmas antiques from some of the nicest collections to be found in the mid-west.  As the auction day approaches we will be adding more information and hundreds of photos for your inspection.

From a super estate we will feature 50 lots of antique German porcelain and comp dolls.  With the dolls we found three great toy highlights:  a "Galloping Pony" three-wheeled doll cart, and antique wooden "White Horse" gliding ride-on and a very nice antique wicker doll buggy with umbrella.

Watch this website.  We will be adding art glass pottery and more toys to this event as soon as we can complete the inventory and photography.

NOTE: We are already receiving consignments for all of our upcoming fall and winter auctions, including our New Year's Specialty Auction...

Call us as soon as possible to discuss adding your collection to our upcoming auction events.

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