Pre-Holiday Auction

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10 AM

Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at Sanctuary Sprirts Hall  (previously known as Seven Islands Hall), Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.







Carnival Glass

C-01         Fenton amethyst “Wreath of Roses” punch bowl with “Vintage” interior on matching


C-02         Northwood blue “Embroidered Mums” bowl, 9”

C-03         Northwood amethyst “Embroidered Mums” bowl, 9”

C-04         Northwood amethyst “Wishbone” ball footed bowl with “Rings” exterior, 8”

C-05         Fenton blue “Holly” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-06         Fenton blue “Holly” round bowl, 8 ½”

C-07         Fenton blue “Butterfly & Berry” footed fernery bowl, 9”

C-08         Northwood marigold “Wishbone” ball footed bowl with “Rings” exterior, 8”

C-09         Fenton amethyst “Ribbon Tie” low bowl

C-10         Fenton amethyst “Holly” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-11         Fenton amethyst “Peacock Tail” 5-piece berry set

C-12         Dugan peach opalescent “Ski Star” bowl, 11”

C-13         Northwood dark amethyst “Three Fruits Medallion” spatula footed bowl

C-14         Northwood ice blue “Hearts & Flowers” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-15         Fenton marigold “Mikado” large compote

C-16         Dugan peach opalescent “Persian Garden” ruffled bowl, 11”

C-17         Fenton blue “Little Flowers” bowl, 8 ½”

C-18         Imperial marigold “474” vase, 10”

C-19         Two Fenton green “Little Flowers” sauce bowls, 5 ½”
C-20         Dugan marigold “Brooklyn Bridge” bowl, 8 ½”

C-21         Fenton marigold “Dragon & Lotus” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-22         Fenton amethyst “Dragon & Lotus” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-23         Northwood green “Three Fruits Medallion” spatula footed ruffled bowl 9”

C-24         Northwood marigold “Three Fruits” ruffled bowl, 9”

C-25         Fenton lime green opalescent “Dragon & Lotus” spatula footed bowl, 8”

C-26         Dugan peach opalescent “Flowers & Frames” dome footed ruffled bowl

C-27         Dugan peach opalescent “Fanciful” bowl, 8 ½”

C-28         Northwood blue “Leaf & Beads” rose bowl

C-29         Northwood green “Leaf & Beads” rose bowl

C-30         Northwood blue “Leaf & Beads” rose bowl

C-31         Fenton blue “Flowers” rose bowl

C-32         Fenton amethyst “Flowers” rose bowl

C-33         Fenton marigold “Flowers” rose bowl

C-34         Northwood marigold “Acorn Burrs” butter dish with lid

C-35         Northwood marigold “Acorn Burrs” creamer

C-36         Northwood marigold “Acorn Burrs” sugar with lid

C-37         Northwood marigold “Acorn Burrs” spooner

C-38         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” butter dish with lid

C-39         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” sugar with lid

C-40         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” spooner

C-41         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” creamer

C-42         Fenton Vaseline “Chrysanthemum” large ball footed bowl

C-43         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” bowl, 8 ½”

C-44         Northwood marigold “Three Fruits” stippled bowl, 9”

C-45         Fenton green “Leaf Chain” ruffled bowl, 8 ½”
C-46         Northwood blue “Hearts & Flowers” compote

C-47         Northwood aqua opalescent “Hearts & Flowers” compote

C-48         Northwood white “Hearts & Flowers” compote

C-49         Northwood marigold “Hearts & Flowers” compote

C-50         Fenton marigold “Horse Medallion” plate, 8”

C-51         Fenton blue “Horse Medallion” jack-in-the-pulpit bowl

C-52         Northwood aqua opalescent round bushel basket

C-53         Northwood ice green round bushel basket

C-54         Northwood green round bushel basket with round ribbed handle

C-55         Northwood dark amethyst round bushel basket

C-56         Fenton blue “Orange Tree” plate, 9”

C-57         Fenton marigold “Orange Tree” plate, 9”

C-58         Fenton white “Orange Tree” plate, 9”

C-59         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” powder jar with lid

C-60         Northwood marigold “Grape & Cable” powder jar with lid

C-61         Fenton green “Peacock Tail” bon bon

C-62         Northwood amethyst stippled “Strawberry” pce ruffled bowl

C-63         Green “Four Flowers Variant” plate

C-64         Northwood dark amethyst “Fruits & Flowers” bon bon

C-65         Imperial amethyst “Scroll Embossed” plate, 9”

C-66         Imperial green “Scroll Embossed” ruffled bowl

C-67         Northwood blue stippled “Three Fruits” plate, 9”, nice example

C-68         Fenton electric amethyst “Captive Rose” plate, 9”

C-69         Fenton marigold “Captive Rose” plate, 9”

C-70         Fenton marigold “Orange Tree” loving cup

C-71         Northwood amethyst “Butterfly” bon bon

C-72         Westmoreland blue opalescent Daisy Wreath” bowl, 9”

C-73         Dugan white “Lattice & Points” vase, 9”

C-74         Fenton blue “Plume Panels” vase, 10”

C-75         Fenton marigold “Plume Panels” vase, 10”

C-76         Fenton amethyst “Diamond & Rib” vase, 10”

C-77         Northwood amethyst “Diamond Point” vase, 10”

C-78         Northwood green “Diamond Point” vase, 10”

C-79         Northwood olive green “Four Pillars” vase, 10”

C-80         Green “Diamond Point” vase

C-81         Dugan peach opalescent “Pulled Loop” vase, 11”

C-82         Northwood amethyst “Wide Panel” vase, 7”

C-83         Fenton amethyst “April Showers” vase, 12 ½”

C-84         Northwood green “Acorn Burr” tumbler

C-85         Northwood amethyst “Singing Birds” tumbler

C-86         Northwood amethyst “Oriental Poppy” tumbler

C-87         Northwood amethyst “Dandelion” tumbler

C-88         Fenton blue “Apple Tree” tumbler

C-89         Northwood blue “Dandelion” paneled tumbler

C-90         Northwood green “Greek Key” tumbler

C-91         Northwood amethyst “Greek Key” tumbler

C-92         Northwood marigold “Greek Key” tumbler

C-93         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” tumbler

C-94         Northwood white “Corn” vase with stalk base

C-95         Northwood amethyst “Grape & Cable” water pitcher

C-96         Set of five Northwood amethyst “Memphis” punch cups

C-97         Imperial marigold “Acanthus” plate

C-98         Scarce Northwood blue stippled “Grape & Cable” banana boat

C-99         Westmoreland blue opalescent “Scales” bowl, 9”

C-100       Westmoreland marigold/milk glass “Scales” bowl, 9”



100           Cased collection/display of 78 Native Americana points

101           Cased collection/display of 60 Native American points

102           Cased collection of “Illinois” Native American relics

103           Cased collection of mixed Native American blades

104           Cased collection of 64 field grade points

105           Cased collection of pottery shards and beads

106           Cased collection of 20 stone celts

107           Very scarce copper celt measuring 7’’ x 2 ½”

108           Three birdstone heads

109           Cased collection of mixed bannerstones and bases

110           Cased collection of 78 Native American points

111           Cased collection of 63 Native American points

112           Cased collection of 40  Native American scrapers

113           Cased collection of 21 celts, knives and scrapers

114           Cased collection of 23 Native American points and blades

115           Cased collection of 46 knives and 2 celts

116           Cased collection of 91 small Native American points and bird points

117           Cased collection of 78 Native American points

118           Cased collection of 68 Native American points

119           Cased collection of 36 Native American points

120           Cased collection of 36 Native American points

121           Cased collection of 40 Native American points and blades

122           Cased collection of 55 Native American points

123           Cased collection of 21 Native American scrapers

124           Grouping of Native American stone reference materials

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