Ken Erwin
Estate Auction

Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 10 AM

Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at the Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.

This special auction features the art and antiques collection of the late Ken Erwin.   Mr. Erwin was well known for his vast knowledge and outstanding eye for the rare and the unusual.



001           Roseville “Panel” low bowl

002           1913 Matte glaze Rookwood flower frog

003           Niloak cabinet vase, 3 ˝”

004           Green glaze pottery tumbler (as found) and pair of Art Deco salt/pepper by Lydens

005           Green/brown architectural jardiničre with faces

006           Weller jardiničre

007           Owens standard glaze footed jardiničre with floral decoration

008           Roseville 8” Clematis 2-handle vase (base chip)

009           Green pottery nude torso by Bob Dustan and Mid-century abstract face pot,

                 signed AMD

010           Green Roycroft pottery mug and two signed Roycroft yellow ware pots (one as found)

011           Art Deco chrome coffee pot

012           Chase Art Deco electric tea pot

013           Walnut collection plate and Treenware carved box with candlestick lid

014           Antique wood & nickel tobacco jar

015           Black a Moor cast iron sign holder

016           Copper plate with Neo-Classical women, 10”x8” and copper plate with “The Thinker”,


017           Copper plaque with Indian Chief, 10”x10” and copper plaque with hunting scene, 8”x8”

018           Deutsche Museum equatorial sundial

019           Copper & brass tub with lion head handles

020           Three matching gilt wall shelves

021           Two gilt redware wall shelves

022           Italian gilt wall shelf and Scandinavian metal bud vase, marked SSKK

023           Four matching Art Deco “Arrow” curtain rods

024           Four piece Art Deco Bakelite dresser set

025           Oak biscuit jar with silver trim

026           Sterling over copper letter rack, #1034

027           Derby silver plate ice dish, marked “WM Mounts-Hand Beaten”

028           Miniature Arts & Crafts folding screen

029           Pair of ornate iron coat hooks on oak mounts

030           Mid-century painted metal wall-mount flowers

031           Loving cup style brass jardiničre, 12”x17”

032           Large blown milk glass egg

033           Pair of green satin glass bobeche and pair or pink glass bobeche

034           Pink over white cased glass muffineer, late 19th century

035           Pittsburg Flint glass decanter

036           Bohemian red cut to clear decanter, c.a. 1850 and Bohemian red cut to clear wine glass

037           Blue pressed glass Victorian mug (1870’s) and small cobalt child’s mug

038           Blue hobnail shaker and Victorian amber pressed glass mug with hunting dog

039           Pair of Mid-century enameled copper plates and Craftsman Studio California hammered

                 copper candleholder

040           Wooden cane with 14K gold band and horn handle, H.M. Lawson, Greensburg, PA

041           Ebony cane with English horn handle and hallmarked band

042           Cane with snake wood shaft & sterling knob

043           1896 McKinley political cane

044           Swagger stick with antique carved handle

045           Wooden cane with hallmarked silver knob

046           Cane with snake wood shaft, carved knob & sterling band

047           Eight piece Art Deco Imperial Bavarian luncheon set

048           Buffalo Pottery Deldare “Village Gossips” plate, 1909

049           Buffalo Pottery Deldare “Ye Lion Inn” mug, 1908

050           Masonic transferware plate and Buffalo Pottery “pheasant” plate, 1907

051           Buffalo Pottery “Cinderella” pitcher (as found) and mustache cup & saucer

052           Hand painted dresser tray, signed and octagonal hand painted dresser tray

053           English Fairing; German bisque figurine and 1930’s china pin cushion doll head

054           Red porcelain urn and six Japanese pottery juice cups

055           Late 19th century Benares pattern jardiničre, 9 ˝”x12”

056           Green Red Wing ewer and green Brush McCoy pot

057           Mid-century blue redware lamp base, signed and studio vase, marked RMO

058           Signed Moorcroft 5 Ľ” vase with paper label

059           Royal Doulton fisherman plate and Ridgeway “Chasing Horses” mug

060           Braille ashtray and Rosenthal tea tile

061           Oriental “Thousand Faces” cup & saucer and Oriental jade tree in jade pot

062           Gilt plate shelf and portrait plate

063           Two convex mirrors with eagles

064           1875 Art transfer tile with children and 1885 Trent art tile

065           US Encaustic Co Indianapolis, IN tile and Majolica Tile Co. Indianapolis, IN tile

066           Owens standard glaze ovoid vase with floral decoration, 8”

067           Majolica pedestal with cranes (as found)

068           Majolica deep leaf 9” bowl

069           7 ˝” Majolica fish tray

070           Majolica “turnip” bottle, 7 ˝”

071           Two majolica grape leaf plates

072           Two flow blue plates (one is Jackson, MI)

073           Art Deco Keystone Ware cocktail shaker with red Bakelite handle

074           Mid-century Farberware cocktail shaker with brown handle

075           Majolica figural tobacco jar and majolica ashtray

076           Black Wedgwood teapot

077           Oriental cup & saucer and Jade stemware cordial

078           Hanging light fixture with painted basket weave & roses shade, attributed to U.S. Art


079           Black/white 7” American eagle Wedgwood bowl and black/white Roman design

                 Wedgwood 7” plate

Civil War – Historical - Political I

C-001       Badge/ribbon: 21st Michigan Infantry, Grand Rapids

C-002       Badge/ribbon: GAR 35th Michigan Annual Dept Reunion, Lansing, 1913

C-003       Delegate badge: 31st GAR Encampment, Kalamazoo

C-004       Badge: Chicago Encampment made from CS cannon, 1900

C-005       Badge/ribbon: Dept. of Michigan, 39th Encampment, Battle Creek, 1917

C-006       Badge & shield: 38th Michigan Encampment, Saginaw, 1906

C-007       1909 Republican Party (Lincoln) pink back with ribbon

C-008       GAR ribbon suspension

C-009       MS Troops, Island Lake, Michigan Encampment pin with medallion

C-010       Victory Celebration, Ionia, Michigan ribbon

C-011       Badge/ribbon: Co, B 32nd Michigan Spanish American War, Grand Rapids, Michigan

C-012       Cast metal Lincoln plaque on antique velvet

C-013       State of Michigan bronze ornament

C-014       Civil War musket caps tin

C-015       Smooth side Civil War canteen with original strap

C-016       Civil War curb military bit, insignia removed

C-017       Civil War military horse bit with U.S. insignia

C-018       Civil War Cavalry hoof pick

C-019       Civil War Cavalry hoof pick

C-020       Pair of brass Civil War military spurs

C-021       Pair of large brass Civil War spurs

C-022       Pair of small brass Civil War spurs

C-023       CDV-size tin type of Union private with US buckle & hand tinted flag

C-024       CDV-size hand tinted tin type of corporal with musket & gold buttons, camp & flag

                 back drop

C-025       Ľ Plate tin type of Civil War sailor & soldier with gold matt

C-026       Tin type of sailor with embroidered shirt

C-027       1/9th plate tin type of Yankee in battle shirt, in New York case

C-028       1/6th plate photo of Union soldier, in leather case

C-029       1/9th plate photo of bearded Union soldier with pistol, in case

C-030       1/6th plate photo of Union soldier in great coat & kepi

C-031       1/6th plate photo of Zouave with musket, in Union case

C-032       1/9th plate photo of very young Yankee, in Union case

C-033       1/9th plate ruby ambro-type of Union soldier, in patriotic case

C-034       1/6th plate tin type of woman holding photo of son, in case

C-035       1/6th plate tin type of Yankee with interesting Corp. badge on cap with patriot mat,

                 in case

C-036       1/9th plate ruby Ambro-type of Yankee with patriotic matt, in case

C-037       1/9th plate tin type of Yankee with flag back drop, in case

C-038       1/6th plate photo of two Yankees with camp & flag back drop, in patriotic case

C-039       1/6th plate photo of old Yankee solder seated, in case

C-040       1/6th plate photo of soldier with Hardee hat (ID – J.A.L. Hall)

C-041       1/6th plate photo of soldier with musket & bayonet, in case


X-01         Smooth side Civil War Yankee canteen

X-02         Six ring tin bull’s-eye canteen

X-03         Rock Island Arsenal 1908 pouch

X-04         Battlefield pick up: cartridge box plate and breast plate

X-05         VS Eagle snake plate, 1870-1890

X-06         Eagle sword belt plate, 870-1890

X-07         Artillery trousers, ID’d G.H. Watkins, British Royal Heavy Artillery, c.a. 1850

X-08         Enfield battlefield relic musket (possible CSA use)

X-09         1849 Ames Cabotville non-com sword, with inspector marks

X-10         1872 Light cavalry saber

X-11         German 19th century sword in scabbard with 34” blade

X-12         Decorated cuff with 3 original buttons, c.a. 1870’s

X-13         Civil War tin shaving cup and bone handle razor

X-14         1970’s reproduction Tiffany buckle with leather belt

X-15         Folk art oil on panel of military camp scene

X-16         GAR program, 1892

X-17         Lincoln book “The Perfect Tribute”

X-18         Pair of sterling weighted 6 ˝” candlesticks

X-19         Pair of sterling weighted 3 Ľ” candlesticks

X-20         “Sterling 972” loving cup trophy with makers mark, 6” (362g/12.7oz)

X-21         Pair of sterling 3” urns, hallmarked (136g/4.8oz total)

X-22         Decorative “Royal Rose” sterling footed bowl

X-23         Sterling cigarette case (120g/4.2oz)

X-24         1930 Silver track trophy with hallmarks (64g/2.2oz)

X-25         Four sterling napkin rings (40g/1.4oz total)

X-26         Silver calling card case with bird decoration

X-27         Strand of European graduated art glass beads

X-28         Antique beaded purse

X-29         Seven rolls of vintage fabric, to be sold as announced


A-01         Framed steel engraving “Love Healed”, 1798 and framed steel engraving “Love

                 Wounded”, 1798

A-02         NO LOT

A-03         Miniature abstract wood block print “Ancient”

A-04         Oil on board “Mt. Rainer at Sunset” by Elizabeth R. Barchus (1857-1959) in antique frame

A-05         Oil on board “Summer Day No. 1” by Anne M. Duncan, 12”x16”

A-06         Oil & palate knife on canvas “Camelback-Study” by Malcom Williams, 14”x18”

A-07         European oil on canvas mountain landscape, 20”x36”

A-08         19th Century oil on canvas of a baby, 24”x32”

A-09         Oil on artist canvas board landscape by C.M. Fritz in Arts & Crafts frame, 12”x18”

A-10         Oil on canvas portrait of woman, 20”x16”

A-11         Seascape print in oak frame, approximately 20”x34”

A-12         Oil on canvas woodland scene, signed N. L. Richard, 14”x18”

A-13         Oil on artist stock by Marge Evans, East Lansing, MI, approximately 6”x5”

A-14         Oil on canvas board “Indiana Sand Dune No. 6” by Glenn Bastian, approx. 5”x6”

A-15         Oil on artist board floral still life by Petry (Victor 1903-1996) with Marshall Fields tag

A-16         Oil on artist board lake scene by Blanch Gandsberg, Indianapolis, IN, 5”x7”

A-17         Oil on artist board woodland lake scene by Blanch Gandsberg, Indianapolis, IN, 5”x7”

A-18         Oil on canvas of birch trees in forest, 9”x12”

A-19         Oil on wall board winter landscape by Howard Berks

A-20         Oil on board of woodland scene with lake (NY label), 10”x8”

A-21         Oil on board of barn with silo by Jonathan Irvin Quarmby, (1885-1964) Lansing, MI 1930
                (with painted border). 9 ˝”x11 ˝”

A-22         Oil on board “The Tree” by J.I. Quarmby (with painted border), 9 ˝”x11 ˝”

A-23         Oil on board of beached boat unsigned by Quarmby (with painted border), 9 ˝”x11 ˝”

A-24         Oil on board of boat & cabin unsigned by Quarmby (with painted border), 9 ˝”x11 ˝”

A-25         Oil on board of three trees unsigned by Quarmby (with painted border), 11 ˝”x9 ˝”

A-26         Oil on board of rustic house signed on reverse by Quarmby (with painted border),

                 9 ˝”x11 ˝”

A-27         Oil on board of evergreen scene signed on reverse by Quarmby (with painted border),

                 11 ˝”x9 ˝”

A-28         Silk screen print “Prairie Dogs” by Bennet, approximately 16”x22” and silk screen print

                 by Bennet, approximately 16”x22”

A-29         Oil on canvas portrait “Girl with Necklace” signed H. Wolf, approx. 22”x18”

A-30         Oil on board still life floral signed J. Irvin Quarmby lower left, 10 ˝”x13”

A-31         Small matted Maxfield Parrish print

A-32         Edison Mazda ad by Maxfield Parrish

A-33         Framed Elbert Hubbard “Horse Sense” Roycrofter Print

Civil War – Historical - Political II

C-042       1/6th plate tin type of a weathered Yankee in kepi, in case

C-043       1/6th plate photo of Yankee seated with camp back drop, in ˝ case

C-044       Tin type of Civil War soldier with camp back drop & hand tinted flag

C-045       CDV of young Michigan Cavalry soldier (O.W. Horton Photography, Grand Rapids)

C-046       CDV of old Naval officer (W.J. Angell Photography, St. Clair, MI)

C-047       CDV of Civil War officer with Ionia, Michigan back mark

C-048       CDV of Civil War officer (Grelling Artist, Detroit back mark)

C-049       CDV of Civil War enlisted soldier with Corp. badge (Adrian, Michigan Photography

                 back mark)

C-050       CDV of Civil War officer (Raymond, Detroit Photography back mark)

C-051       CDV of young Michigan militia soldier (Ann Arbor Photography back mark)

C-052       CDV of Civil War officer (ID- Robert Carr, Breckenridge, MI) (Ithaca Photography

                 back mark)

C-053       CDV of Civil War private (Benson Photography, Pontiac, MI back mark)

C-054       Faded CDV with Civil War tax stamp (Grand Rapids Photography back mark)

C-055       8”x10” Photo of Albemen of Fraternal member with sword

C-056       Cabinet card of Civil War soldier (copy photo by Portland photographer)

C-057       Cabinet card of Civil War armed soldier with wife (Lake Odessa Photography

                 back mark)

C-058       CDV of Civil War portrait photo shot (Ashtabula, Ohio photographer back mark &

                 tax stamp)

C-059       CDV of Civil War officer (DesMoines, Iowa Photography back mark)

C-060       CDV of the Hurtt family martial band, Civil War vet

C-061       CDV of Civil War private (Davenport, Iowa Photography back mark)

C-062       CDV of Union soldier with eyes closed (Louisville, Kentucky Photography back mark)

C-063       CDV of Civil War soldier (ID-Marden) (Sturgis Photography back mark & tax stamp)

C-064       CDV of early war soldier with hardee hat

C-065       CDV of young officer (tax stamp)

C-066       CDV of young private (tax stamp)

C-067       CDV of Civil War soldier J. Perkin and wife

C-068       CDV with green border of Union officer

C-069       CDV of Civil War vet Reserve Corp. (Madison, Wisconsin Photography back mark)

C-070       CDV of Civil War soldier (ID-Lavancha Brower) (Cumberland, Maryland Photography

                 back mark), dated May 18, 1865

C-071       CDV of Civil War enlisted man (ID Jasper Augusta Daish)

C-072       CDV of Civil War enlisted man (ID G.C. Williams)

C-073       CDV of Brigadier General Stevens (Col. 79th Highlanders)

C-074       CDV of man holding a Civil War kepi (Madison Wisconsin back mark)

C-075       CDV of Vermont infantry man, Co. F (tax stamp)

C-076       CDV of enlisted youth with flag (ID Uriah Smith)

C-077       CDV of Comm. Farragut (C.A. back mark)

C-078       Brady CDV of early Civil War officer (E. Anthony publisher)

C-079       CDV of Civil War general (ID Balda Smith)

C-080       CDV of enlisted man (Knoxville, Tennessee back mark & tax stamp)

C-081       Two CDV’s (one ID’d M. Bacon of Rockford, Illinois)

C-082       CDV of Washington & Lincoln apotheosis (Ohio back mark)

C-083       Cabinet card of man with GAR ribbons (Owosso, Michigan)

C-084       Cabinet card of bearded man with GAR ribbon (ID’d on reverse) (Quincy, Michigan)

080           Kilim pillow cover

081           Kilim pillow cover

082           Kilim pillow cover

083           Roycroft “Little Journeys – Great Musicians” book, hand illuminated, signed &

                 numbered edition

084           Books: “Grand Rapids Furniture Record”, volumes 12, 15, 16 & 18, to be sold as


085           Six Goldwater “Whirlwind” dinner plates

086           Eight B.P. Co. “Minerva” dinner plates

087           Twelve Wedgwood dinner plates with green decorated edge

088           Signed Steuben Aurene bowl and under plate

089           Aurene & calcite 5” bowl

090           Signed Steuben pulled feather art glass shade

091           Small stemmed goblet, marked “LCT Favrile”

092           Orrefors bud vase and Orrefors bowl with paper label

093           Carnival glass ruffled stemmed vase and two amethyst carnival glass “Stork & Rushes”


094           Majolica 10” dish with leaf center

095           11 ˝” Oval majolica leaf shaped platter

096           Majolica “Etruscan” creamer

097           Majolica dessert plate with leaf decoration

098           Two majolica plates

099           Roseville Donatello 6” jardiničre

100           Brown Niloak vase, 5 ˝”

101           Multi-color Niloak 4 ˝” vase with original paper label

102           Rookwood mauve/green 4 ˝” vase, 1929

103           Matte green Arts & Crafts “Arrowroot” jardiničre, 7”

104           Roseville Water Lily jardiničre, #663-3”

105           Roseville Zephyr Lily candlestick, #1163-4 ˝”

106           Brown Van Briggle flower frog

107           Round walnut table

108           Wicker fernery

109           Wicker settee

110           Small metal marble-top table with claw feet

111           Brass bound wall shelf

112           Metal base stand with marble top and arrow decoration

113           Green granite-top mahogany pedestal/stand   

114           Pair of Tomlinson tables with iron bases

115           Painted “column” end table with glass top

116           Italian marble-top drum table

117           Curved glass showcase cabinet

118           Victorian gout stool

119           Two chrome & glass tables, c.a. 1970’s

120           Mid-century andiron set

121           Aladdin cream milk glass electric lamp with green shade & original finial

122           Iron, wood, and marble table

123           Round chrome and glass table

124           Marble-top brass wine rack


Civil War – Historical - Political III

C-085       Cabinet card of man with GAR ribbons with wife (ID’d Timothy Cory) (Bunyea Photo)

C-086       Miniature Civil War canteen from GAR

C-087       Henry Wilson post #129 GAR memorial pin back

C-088       CDV of “Old Abe” war eagle

C-089       Badge/ribbon: 32nd National Encampment, Dept. Commander, 1897-98

C-090       Brass button polishing board

C-091       Jasperware Lincoln plaque

C-092       GAR beer medal, 33rd Encampment, 1899

C-093       Cabinet card of Col. James B. Campbell (Chicago back mark)

C-094       Cabinet card GAR Dept. Commander of Michigan (Paw Paw Photo)

C-095       Advertising cabinet card for M. C. Barney, 10th Michigan Vet Volunteer Infantry Flint, MI

C-096       Advertising cabinet card – 10th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, 1886

C-097       Scarce GAR cabinet card with A.H. Fowle ID (Grand Rapids?, Michigan)

C-098       Rare cabinet card of Civil War amputee wearing GAR medal (Big Rapids, Michigan)

C-099       CDV of GAR member

C-100       Tin litho hat box with shipping label

C-101       Large format stereo card of GAR parade, Fowlerville, Michigan

C-102       Book: Michigan in the War 1861-1865 by Robertson

C-103       Book: Record of Service Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-865, 23rd Michigan


C-104       Book: Record of Service Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-865, 9th Michigan


C-105       Book: Record of Service Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-865, 11th Michigan


C-106       Framed meeting notice broadside for "Republican Meeting Ionia”

C-107       CDV of Washington and Lincoln apotheosis

C-108       CDV of presidents Washington to S. Johnson, 1865

C-109       39 Star light weight silk American flag with GAR insignia, 15 ˝”x24

C-110       Damaged but rare GAR Limoges mug with ID “D. Morgan”


Lincoln - History - Photographic

L-01         Two CDV’s – Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln

L-02         Card photo of Lincoln and cabinet members

L-03         Two CDV’s of Lincoln & Mary Todd by Anthony from Brady

L-04         Framed photo of Lincoln assassins hanging

L-05         Lincoln relief portrait on copper, c.a. 1909

L-06         Card photo of Robert Lincoln (son of Abraham Lincoln)

L-07         GAR commemorative medal of the birth of Lincoln, 1909

L-08         Two CDV’s of Lincoln and his son

L-09         Mourning CDV of Lincoln’s coffin

L-10         CDV of Lincoln’s first home, (Union Gallery, Chicago back mark)

L-11         Two CDV’s of Lincoln and his family

L-12         Embossed patriotic CDV oval portrait of Lincoln & son

L-13         Embossed patriotic CDV oval portrait of Lincoln

L-14         Three printed CDV portraits of Lincoln

L-15         Very nice embossed CDV portrait of Lincoln advertising for perfume

L-16         CDV photo portrait of Lincoln, signed in image

L-17         Two CDV’s of Grant and family

L-18         Two CDV’s of Steven Douglas and one CDV of Mrs. Steven Douglas

L-19         CDV of Seward and CDV of President Johnson

L-20         CDV of General Frank Blair of Missouri (presidential candidate)

L-21         Brady CDV of Prince Albert of Wales

L-22         Trimmed Currier “Death of President Lincoln” steel engraving

L-23         Framed Currier “The Nations Martyr” steel engraving

L-24         Kansas land grant 1858, signed by James Buchanan

L-25         Gerald Ford signature, Congress 1971

L-26         Cast iron frame with eagle, pat. 1862

L-27         Parianware 8’ bust of General Lee

L-28         Lansing Ringling Bros. Circus poster, c.a. 1919

L-29         Framed Lincoln print


125           Cast metal camel doorstop

126           Cast iron ship bookends with bronze finish

127           Signed “Hunters Moon” bookends

128           Leather covered, tack decorated small trunk

129           Brass ram’s head on wooden base

130           Sunwatch compass, Pat. 1920-21

131           Unusual binocular eye glasses

132           Rare brass figural double action cork screw

133           Early 19th century rosewood traveling inkwell

134           Antique ivory, pewter & vegetable ivory ladle

135           Two pair of cuff links, one with matching tie bar

136           Antler cuff links and carved cuff links

137           Coral cuff links and green/gold cuff links

138           Two pair of silver cuff links, one with matching tie bar

139           Rosewood wax seal

140           Sterling thimble, Simons Bros & Co, 1840-1908

141           Antique ivory memory aid day book

142           Carved antique ivory cylindrical case (as found)

143           Antler tip cork screw

144           Early 19th century rosewood handle cork screw with knife

145           Cherry cork screw, c.a. 1850

146           Antique sterling mounted tusk bottle opener

147           Early 19th century antler cork screw

148           Vegetable ivory carved egg

149           Three sterling spirit bottle labels (Brandy, Scotch & Bourbon)

150           Sterling “Sherry” label and Sheffield plate silver over copper “Scotch” label with


151           Hand wrought cork screw with antler

152           “Brandy” wine label and pletina tea strainer

153           West German map measure with case and manicure set with Bakelite handles in case

154           Gorham calendar/miniature stamp holder book, 1909 and sugar shovel with MOP handle

155           Marbles Arm Co. wrist compass, c.a. 1920

156           Marbles Arm Co. wrist compass

157           Marbles Arm Co. pin on compass

158           Wrist “Golfer’s Pal” golf game score counter

159           19th century map reading glass

160           Nailsea glass perfume and agate (amber?) necklace

161           African inlaid wood elephant decorated box

162           Abalone, shell, MOP calling card case, 1850

163           Shell calling card case with silver overlay

164           Shell & silver calling card case

165           Shell & MOP calling card case

166           Shell pocket snuff box

167           Shell box with antique bone feet (as found)

168           Miniature silver, rosewood & Pietre Dara inlaid chest

169           Early papier-mâché snuff box with church decoration

170           Carved Briar pipe with soccer player

171           Burled snuff box

172           Pair of unusual horse motif candlesticks

173           12” Cast iron jockey door stop

174           Pair of small cast iron bookends with classical motif

175           Pair of Arts & Crafts electric candlesticks

176           Victorian spring loaded door bell

177           Two brass ring stands

178           Antique brass book stand

179           Brass 10”x7”x6” decorative old English hearth trivet

180           15” Empire style brass wall ornament

181           Brass electric wall sconce

182           Chase Brass & Copper Co. electric teapot

183           Chase Brass & Copper Co. coffee urn

184           Chase cocktail shaker and Art Deco cocktail shaker with Bakelite knob & handle

185           Chase Brass & Copper Co. tea tray, signed on handle

186           Pair of gilt pottery wall shelves, 13”

187           Brass hanging 4-candle electric lamp

188           Cast iron covered wagon bookends, WH Howell copyright

189           Red Murano 13” bird figure

190           Beatrice Parian bust

191           Lessing Parian bust and Parian Greek female bust

192           Brass wall candle sconce, 18”

193           Pair of brass Italian style electric wall sconces

194           Cast bronze 3-candle wall candelabra, 14”x12”

195           Gilt brass 18” candlestick and 18” wooden hat stand, 1920’s

196           Art Deco chromium electric stick lamp

197           Engraved brass box on wheels, 7 ˝”x5”x3 ˝”

198           Carmel slag glass hanging light

199           Iron Oriental candle lantern

200           Brass box with metal buckles, 10 ˝”x9”x1 ľ”

201           Pair of Gothic brass electric wall sconces with griffins, each 14”x9”

202           Antique Oriental rug, approx. 4’x8’

203           Oriental rug, approx. 34”x60”

204           Oriental runner and Oriental prayer rug

205           Chase Brass & Copper Co. table lamp

206           Cast metal spring clip with Napoleon motif

207           Cast metal spring clip with Native American motif

208           Cast metal Indian head still bank

209           Cast metal duck spring clip

210           Cast metal patriotic spring clip

211           Pair of “The President” sailing ship cast iron painted bookends

212           Bronze letter opener with bird’s foot & claw and Art Deco cast bronze “bird” bottle


213           Pair of Art Deco Chase Brass & Copper Co. ball candlesticks with blue glass

214           Cloth runner with brass braid; Victorian needlepoint of horse and Victorian needlepoint

                 with beaded border

215           Cast metal sign holder with glass panel, of 3 horses at well

216           Pair of white wicker porch lights

217           Desk lamp with chrome base & green cased glass shade

218           Pair of Arts & Crafts green glass porch light shades (as found)

219           Pair of milk glass & Bakelite boudoir lamps

220           Signed Bradley & Hubbard cast metal letter rack with stags

221           Pair of cast iron German shepherd bookends

222           Pair of cast metal horse bookends

223           Pair of cast iron Viking ship bookends

224           Cast metal round decorative easel frame

225           Cast iron cat door stop

226           Pair of cast metal cowboy bookends

227           Hibbard Spencer Barlett bronze St. Nicholas Society plaque, 1907

228           Cast metal Hat Cha electric cigar/cigarette lighter

229           Pair of cast iron Bison bookends

230           Pair of cast metal “Lindy” bookends

231           Pair of cast iron American Indian head bookends

232           Pair of cast bronze “T. Roosevelt” bookends, signed G.S. Allen

233           Pair of cast brass elephant bookends

234           Pair of cast metal ship bookends

235           Pair of cast metal sailing ship bookends

236           Pair of small cast metal sailing ship bookends

237           Pair of bronze classical bookends

238           Pair of Bradley & Hubbard bronze bookends

239           Pair of cast metal ships wheel relic of Frigate Constitution bookends

240           Pair of Roycroft hammered copper bookends

241           Pair of Bradley & Hubbard “Brigantine 1812” bookends

242           Pair of cast metal Bicentennial eagle bookends

243           Pair of cast metal Viking bookends

244           Brass Art Nouveau ink well

245           Cast metal frame

246           Cast metal alligator ashtray

247           Cast iron eagle ashtray

248           Art Deco blue glass picture frame and blue glass display tray

249           Cast iron charger with European scene, 20 ˝”

250           Pair of Arts & Crafts copper/silver candlesticks with antelope, 5”

251           Pair of electric brass candlesticks, 16”

252           19” Brass ornamental embellishment

253           French Art Deco Lentheric Bakelite shaving bowl and 7-jewel Linden Mid-century alarm


254           Large brass electric candle table lamp

255           Pair of cast iron electric candlesticks

256           10” Electric brass finger boudoir lamp with shade

257           Pair of Arts & Crafts iron stick lamps with shades

258           Pair of painted metal cylinder lamps

259           Pair of Mid-century Lucite boudoir lamps

260           Arts & Crafts electric finger lamp

261           Boudoir lamp marked Bellows

262           Pair of cream color electric wall sconces

263           Walnut & glass “skier” lamp

264           Swank red Mustang desk lamp

265           Rose quilted cased art glass tumbler and amberina reverse honeycomb tumbler

266           Amber ribbed dispenser

267           Hammered copper ash tray and hammered metal letter holder

268           Pair of chrome Art Deco match safes and Art Deco letter opener

269           Cast iron “tipsy” bottle opener and pair of figural lion head coat hooks

270           Vienna cold painted “rug seller” bookend and classic Art Deco bookend

271           Mission oak lamp base

272           Mid-century glass ceiling light cover with cowboy decoration

273           Kuna Mola fabric square and pair of onyx bookends

274           Large brass table lamp, c.a. 1930’s

275           Stiffel metal based urn shaped table lamp

276           Pair of marble base & glass table lamps

277           Gilt wood lamp with wheat decoration

278           19th Century electric lamp with etched & cut globe

279           19th Century electric lamp with etched & cut globe

280           White marble lamp with cast iron base

281           Two painted metal table lamps

282           Tall brass electric candlestick lamp

283           Pair of brass push up candlesticks, c.a. 1860

284           Pair of Fulper candlesticks

285           Green art pottery jardiničre with swags and peach & green pot

286           Wild game plate and souvenir cup & saucer

287           Royal Rudolstadt hand painted dish and two large Picard bone plates

288           Mid-century urn-shaped candleholder and green McCoy 2-handle compote

289           Two Roman busts

290           Parian bust of Napoleon and parian bust of Apollo

291           Hand painted Nippon cup; Bavarian china child’s mug and hand decorated porcelain


292           Two blue & white Oriental vases

293           Two blue & white Oriental vases and blue & white Oriental tray

294           Chinese poly-chrome ginger jar and blue & white decorated ginger jar (both as found)

295           Two Oriental stoneware vases

296           Oriental stoneware vase and white signed studio pottery vase

297           Cobalt Shirley Temple pitcher and light blue milk glass plate

298           Bristol blue painted vase and white Oriental sauce bowl

299           Johnson Bros “Wild Rose” – 4 dinner plates & 4 dessert plates

300           Copeland Spode “Tradewinds” – 4 cups & 4 saucers

301           Blue pot with lid; brown/green pot and art pot with frog

302           Two red lacquer & gilt wood Chinese panels

303           Pair of antique gesso gilt elements

304           Royal Bayreuth cobalt & gold trim: 5 dinner plates & 4 dessert plates

305           Pre-war Art Deco cigarette case/lighter and mid-century ash tray

306           Tin candy box; Dionne quintuplets’ book and Barrymore portfolio gold etchings


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We are currently accepting consignments for upcoming auctions.  Call us soon to add your antiques, collectibles, dolls & toys, fine art, firearms, art glass & lamps, coins, cabin collectibles, and other quality items to our auctions.

Call 800-919-1950 for a free, confidential, no obligation assessment of your collection, estate or individual items.  We gladly offer a full range of services to meet your individual needs.

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