Christmas, Toys, Trains & Antiques Auction

Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 10 AM

Seven Islands Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at Sanctuary Sprirts Hall  (previously known as Seven Islands Hall), Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.

Break out your Holiday Spirit for this very special annual auction!


We invite you to join us for this special auction featuring super items from the collection of nationally known Christmas collector and Holiday authority, David Eppelheimer. This auction offers 100’s of vintage Halloween and Christmas collectibles, toys, and super antiques, art, and art glass. As auction day approaches we will be adding more information and hundreds of photos for your inspection.

Santa’s Hints: We will offer 50 lots of antique German porcelain and comp dolls. With the dolls we include four exceptional toy highlights: a “Galloping Pony” three-wheeled doll cart, an antique wooden “White Horse” gliding ride-on, a very nice antique wicker doll buggy with umbrella, and an exceptional “Wheeled Platform” horse toy measuring 34” tall! Do not miss this fantastic auction!

Watch this website: We will be adding additional information regarding the art glass, pottery, and antiques soon. Photos will be added as we complete the inventory and photography…



Dolls I

D-01         Antique Koppelsdorf & Huttensleineb 24” porcelain doll

D-02         11” porcelain head, composition body doll, #152

D-03         S & H Halbig #550 porcelain head, composition body doll, 23”

D-04         German Bisque doll head marked B3 with jointed composition body, 23”

D-05         Koppelsdorf #2505 porcelain head, jointed composition body doll, 25”

D-06         Handwerck #7 ½ porcelain head, jointed composition body doll, 23”

D-07         A & M #1894 porcelain head, composition body doll, 14 ½” and Putman Bylo baby doll

D-08         Two antique doll bodies, one cloth, one kid

D-09         Shirley Temple 12” doll by Ideal #12

D-10         Koppelsdorf & Huttensleineb #29 porcelain head doll with jointed comp. body, 20”

D-11         A & M #370 porcelain head “Eileen” doll with jointed body, 23 ½”

D-12         Simon Halbig porcelain head doll with jointed composition body, 27”

D-13         Tin head doll with cloth & composition body, 25”

D-14         Bylo baby doll

D-15         A & M #370 porcelain head doll with kid body, 22”

D-16         B & P #585 porcelain head doll with composition body, 17”

D-17         A & M #370 porcelain head doll, 27”

D-18a       H. Handwerck/Simon Halbig porcelain head doll with jointed body, 29”

D-18b       Handwerck/Halbig porcelain head doll with jointed body, 30”

D-19a       French bed doll

D-19b       Schoenhut jointed doll

D-20         Four small antique porcelain parts dolls

D-21         Plastic boy doll and antique German #914 porcelain doll

D-22         Porcelain head Nippon doll with composition body

D-23         German A & M #990 porcelain head doll composition body, 10”

D-24         German Walkaur porcelain head doll with jointed composition body, 29”

D-25         C. M. Bergmann #12 porcelain head doll on jointed composition body, 31”

D-26         A & M 390 #17 porcelain head doll on jointed composition body, 41”

D-27         Large A & M #15 porcelain head doll on jointed composition body

D-28         Simon Halbig #120 porcelain head doll with composition body in wicker basket with

                 antique clothing

000           Mahogany four-drawer silver cabinet with brass accents

001           Porcelain 10-inch “Gold Fish” jardinière

002           Carved wooden 11-inch Chinese warrior

003           Carved stone dragon wall hanging framed to 9” x 7”

004           Red jade tree sculpture with small “Blossom” jade tree

005           Two-sided soapstone carving with roosters

006           Roseville “Apple Blossom” vase 389-10”

007           Two hand-tinted antique photographs

008           Ruby flash pitcher and 5 ruby flash tumblers

009           Ruby flash covered butter and ruby flash spooner

010           “Chicks” carved soapstone 4 ½” x 8” desk sculpture with box

011           Two framed oriental prints

012           Hand painted ‘Woman in Green Robe” on silk

013           Four hand-painted Asian art scenes

014           “At Dawn” by W. Peiner (18” x 21”) in Eastlake frame

015           Mountain scene on rice paper framed to 53” x 21”

016           Wilson print in Arts & Crafts frame

017           18 ½” porcelain garden seat

018           Outstanding “Hen & Chicks” carved soapstone sculpture 8” x 18” x 9”

019           Grouping of ruby flash souvenir glassware

020           Three soapstone carvings

021           Intricate stone ball carving and two resin carvings

022           Grouping of contemporary Fiesta pottery with bowls

023           Grouping of contemporary Fiesta pottery with plates

024           Two boxed groups of contemporary Fiesta pottery

025           Wooden fish carving and 2-piece erotica carving

026           Four hand-decorated milk glass eggs

027           Natural wood sculpture

028           Two framed prints

029           “Santa and Chimney” candy container marked “VC”

030           Steiff duck on metal wheels with original “Steiff” neck ribbon

031           1940’s toy steam shovel

032           1960’s Tonka “Dragline” toy

033           Lionel #671 train engine and mixed cars, track and type KW transformer

034           Two “Halloween” trees, to be sold as announced

035           20½” Russian Father Frost

036           18” Russian cotton Father Frost with red/blue decoration

037           16” Russian cotton Father Frost with gold decoration and  9 ½ inch Russian figure

038           Hubley 10” cast iron race car with driver and firing cams

039           Grouping of war-era blown Christmas ornaments

040           Steel truck with two red stake wagons & wooden wheels

041           Pewabic Pottery “Wassail Feast" charger

042           1936 “Christmas Annual” and vintage boxed Christmas wrap

043           1950’s roll of Christmas wrap with store counter-top paper roller/cutter

044           “New Game” hen and eggs game and “Fish Pond” game board
1950’s “Bulman” (Grand Rapids) paper roller/cutter
1950’s countertop roller/cutter with holiday paper

047           “Season’s Greetings” canvas store banner (dated 1958) 116” x 42”

048           Grouping of outdoor Christmas banners, to be sold as announced

049a         1950’s roll of holiday wrap with hanging store roller/cutter

050           Halloween: U.S. Metal Toy pan rattle, c.a. 1940’s; Kirchhof pan rattle, c.a. 1930’s and

                 Kirchhof ratchet, c.a. 1950’s

051           Halloween:  Kirchhof rattle c.a. 1930’s and U.S. Metal Toy rattle c.a. 1950’s

052           Halloween: Two Cohn cat face round ratchets, c.a. 1930’s

053           Halloween: Kirchhof round cat face ratchet, c.a. 1940’s; two round cat face rattles

                 c.a. 1940’s and round cat face pan rattle c.a. 1950’s

054           Halloween: Cohn round ratchet c.a. 1930’s; Cohn pan rattle c.a. 1930’s and Cohn round

                 rattle ca. 1930’s

055           Embossed die cut of witch and moon and stand up embossed die cut of witch face with

                 bat & cat

056           Dennison crepe paper apron with witch on pumpkin

057           Books: “Halloween Fun Book”; “The Giant Halloween Book” and “The Big Christmas


058           Halloween Horns: Bugle Toy Co. c.a. 1950’s; and three U.S Metal toy Co c.a. 1950’s

059           Halloween: Cohn tambourine c.a. 1950’s with witch and matching Cohn round ratchet

                 c.a. 1950’s with original 10 cent sticker

060           Halloween: two tin rattles and one round ratchet

061           Halloween: Cohn witch tambourine and matching Cohn witch round ratchet, both

                 c.a. 1950’s

062           Halloween books: “The Jolly Halloween Book 1937”; “The Halloween Fun Book, 1936”

                 and “4-H Food Magic Tricks for Treats”

063           Art Deco Halloween clown lithograph, signed in the block

064           Halloween pumpkin skeleton honeycomb, c.a. 1960’s; round paper Halloween mat and

                 four cats singing

065           Five Halloween tin Kirchhof clangers, c.a. 1930’s thru 1950’s

066           Scarce Halloween “Whoo’s Whoo Silhouette" drawing game, USA Gibson Art Co.,

                 c.a. 1930’s

067           Halloween: cardboard dancing skeleton; jointed skeleton; Beistle cardboard witch with

                 honeycomb pot; three Halloween napkins; home-crafted crepe paper cat face flower;

                 fortune telling game pieces; Honeycomb bat and pumpkin man walker

068           Halloween: three Cohn JOL rattles, c.a. 1940’s; Kirchhof round JOL ratchet and tin

                 New Year’s party bell

069           Halloween: U.S Metal Toy Co. witch ratchet, c.a. 1950’s; US Metal Toy Co. rattle,

                 c.a. 1920’s; Cohn witch ratchet, c.a. 1940’s; Cohn round rattle c.a. 1930’s and Kirchhof

                 metal ratchet, c.a. 1950’s

070           Halloween: Three Kirchhof metal rattles c.a. 1950’s and two U.S. Metal Toy Co. metal

                 rattles c.a. 1930’s & 1950’s

071           Three tin Halloween cylinder rattles with witches & cats

072           Halloween: Kirchhof pan rattle, c.a. 1930’s; Kirchhof ratchet c.a. 1950’s; U.S. Metal Toy

                 Co. pan rattle, c.a. 1940’s; crepe & paper noisemaker with original feather and

                 cardboard, crepe and plastic noisemaker

073           Halloween: Two Cohn cylinder noisemaker c.a. 1950’s; round tin rattle with witch and

                 U.S. Metal Toy Co. ratchet

074           Halloween: U.S. Metal Toy Co. round ratchet c.a. 1950’s; Kirchhof cylinder rattle,

                 c.a. 1950’s; Tin rattle with witch face and ratchet with witch

075           Halloween: metal tambourine; round metal rattle, U.S. Metal Toy co. rattle, c.a. 1950’s

                 and six chenille witch JOL

076           Halloween: three Halloween children’s books, 1947, 1951 and 1923; “Parties Magazine”

                 1929 and two Dennison crepe party costumes (ballerina & owl)

077           Halloween: cardboard & crepe party horn; inflatable bat noisemaker; “Children’s Party

                 Book”; punch-out party pieces; “dancing doll”; crepe & cardboard ghost; group of

                 small cardboard Halloween decoration and honeycomb JOL lamp shade

078           Animated elf, working

079           Christmas grouping of mixed crepe paper tablecloths, one vintage crepe square and a

                 crepe Santa apron

080           Stand up cardboard Coca Cola Santa

081           Grouping of Santa books, puzzle, etc.

082           Christmas window paint set in original sleeve and Rudolph limited edition watch

083           Yuletide & Holly hinged top box

084           Two Santa candy containers; two stockings and Christmas records

085           Vintage 1960’s signed & numbered lithograph with COA

086           Rustic fireplace tree stand

086           Rustic fireplace tree stand

087           Slot car set

088           Pink aluminum 52’ Christmas tree

089A        Dennison Halloween crepe paper apron with JOL & white cats

089B        Crepe paper Santa in chimney

090           Two piece polished cotton witch’s costume

091           Neon “Merry Christmas” light up sign            

092           Two Thanksgiving turkey platters

093           Halloween treat bucket with miscellaneous Halloween decorations

094           Pyrographic poinsettia box and late 1800’s “Complimentary” box

095           Two Santa easel backs, two German scrap sheets and other holiday ephemera

096           Grouping of mid-century Christmas items

097           Flex-a-tone & 2 noisemakers; Holiday piano roll and grouping of Christmas

098           Antique 2-piece witches candy mold

099           Album with Christmas post cards and album with mixed holiday post cards

100           One lot mixed holiday post cards, Patroitic , and WWI real photo post cards

101           Group lot of mixed holiday cards, scrap, and ephemera

102           Lehmann’s tin litho wind-up car, ca 1903

103           Marx tin litho wind-up horse drawn wagon w/driver

104A        Tin litho “Hee Haw” wind-up horse drawn delivery wagon with driver

104B        Tin litho “Blue Horse” and cart with driver

105           “Battleship Oregon” cast iron bank

106           “Flatiron Building” cast iron bank, 6 inches

107           Cast iron zeppelin 6-inch pull toy

108           Chein tin litho clown bank

109           Chein tin litho monkey “Thank You” bank

110           Chein tin litho elephant bank

111           Chein “Happy Days” bank and Chein wind-up walking bear

112           “Time Is Money” cast iron 3 ½” bank

113           Rustic cabin cast iron bank

114           Lion cast iron bank, 5 ¼” x 6 ¼”

115           Lion cast iron bank, 4” x 5”

116           Cast iron elephant bank and cast iron elephant match holder

117           Cast iron domed “Bank” bank

118           Cast iron “Bank” bank, 5-inches

119           Cast iron “Bank” bank (silver) and cast iron mini bank

120           Cast iron “Safe” bank and Cast iron locking bank

121           Cast iron keyed safe bank and “Home Safe” combo bank

122           Key wind tin litho submarine

123           Cast iron “Seigel-Cooper advertising bank and Chein dime bank

124           Victory glass tank candy container and “top” glass candy container

125           Two glass rabbit candy containers, 6 ½” and 4 ½”

126           Chein “Rabbit Roost” tin litho candy wagon and eggs

127           Two rabbit on tricycles wind-up toys

128           Two Halloween noise makers

129           Tree topper and child’s toy stereo viewer

130           Domed 3 ½” cast iron bank and “Dover” cast iron mini sad iron

131           26” Keystone pressed steel dump truck

132           Child’s electric player piano “Piano Lodeon”

133           Tiffany Studios spade foot floor lamp with blue Favrile tile decoration on shade

134           Legras cabinet vase 4 1/2 inches

135           Steven Lundberg Glass Art (2002) pulled feather vase, 10”

136a         Stag and Holly carnival glass footed bowl

136b         MOP blue serving pitcher

137           Nikon N2000 35 mm camera, professional lenses and flash

138a         RS Prussia scenic berry bowl set

138b         RS Prussia (red mark) sandwich plates

139           Wave Crest covered dresser dish

140           Wave Crest hand-decorated fernier

141           Wave Crest cracker jar

142           Roseville pink Snowberry urn, 8-inches

143a         Working slot machine
143b         Antique wagon with cast iron wheels
143c         Advertising sign
143d         Santa's Remington typewriter

144a         7-pcs H. Quimper pottery

144b         Scarce H. Quimper bell

145          Steiff bear 15 pc. tea set, NIB and box of feather tree ornaments

146           Metal hanging electric holiday lamp

147           Five 7’’ bottle-brush trees, exec. condition

148           Scarce German bisque Santa on airplane

149           Japanese cotton Santa in sleigh with celluloid reindeer

150           Japanese Santa/sleigh with two celluloid reindeer

151           Three boxes of Polish blown ornaments

152           Three boxes of blown Polish ornaments

153           Nine glitter cardboard ornaments

154           Japanese mechanical Santa Claus in original box

155           Four Christmas stockings

156           Two boxes (24) 3" WW-era ornaments

157           Box of 15 tear-drop and bell ornaments

158           Three mid-century Austrian kugel-style silver ornaments 5”, 7” and 7” gold

159           Four bottle-brush trees 4” to 11”

160           5” white saddled cotton-like horse with glass eyes

161           Two miniature metal carriages with doll

162           14-piece Gurley choir

163           17-piece Gurley candles and ornaments

164           Box of 10 West German figural ornaments

165           Battery op “Happy Santa” in box

166           Two red and green Christmas fences

167           Three blown glass Santa ornaments

168           Three Santa blown glass ornaments

169           Three blown glass Santa ornaments

170           Five patriotic blown glass ornaments

171           Three Italian blown glass ornaments

172           One dozen German glass figural ornaments

173           One dozen German glass figural ornaments

174           One dozen German glass figural ornaments

175           One dozen German glass figural ornaments

176           Three boxes (10 large, 12 medium) Polish ornaments

177           6-foot aluminum tree with skirt

178           Grouping of Christmas candleholders

179           Three cardboard village buildings

180           Grouping of wax ornaments

181           Gurley caroler set in original box

182           Rubber face plush Santa doll

183           Two end-of-day blown glass ornaments

184           Two velour Santas, one gold, one red

185           Three Sunday School Christmas candy boxes

186           “Bunny on Egg” papier-mâché candy container

187           Scarce 21” Blue bottle brush tree


A-00         Oil on canvas, ca. 1860, child in pink in ornate frame, 20” x 16”

A-01         Oil on board ”Low Tide Boothbay Harbor Maine” by listed artist Alice Fisher, 18”x16”

A-02         Watercolor by Anne Cooper of child & doll, 16”x14” visible

A-03         Oil on canvas European stillwater scene, signed PeLucia, 16”x20”

A-04         Oil on canvas board Pleinaire, 12”x16”, initialed verso M.D.

A-05         “Across the River” screen print 16”x23” visible, by Sylvia M. Rantz, 1927-?

A-06         Oil on board river & cabin scene, 8”x10”, signed J. Peternalla, 1945

A-07         Contemporary quality frame and oil on board cottage scene to fit

A-08         Antique still life with roses, oil on canvas

A-09         Hand tinted Jefferson Davis portrait with signature

A-10         Framed “Valentine’s Day” Victorian collage

A-11         Framed “To My Valentine” die cut valentine

A-12         Oil on canvas, French river scene, 24” x 36”

A-13         Oil on canvas, French street scene, 20” x 16”

A-14         Signed “J. Butler” oil on canvas “Arch de Triumph” 16” x 20”

A-15         Oil on artist board landscape singed verso “Welch”
A-16          Bremer "Bartholomaus" framed tile
A-17          Three embossed Santa cards with holly decoration, framed
A-18          Four die-cut English Santas, framed

Jewelry - Textiles - Lighting

X-01         Weiss Christmas tree 5-candle broach

X-02         Hand-made beaded poinsettia  and pierced Christmas tree earrring

X-03         Candy cane tie tack; faux gem Christmas tree pin and glass Christmas tree pin

X-04         Red horse-drawn sleigh pin and winter scene with three horses pin

X-05         Gold bear with holly pin and Christmas tree with star pin

X-06         “California Prints” red/black Poinsettias tablecloth (66 x 52) and  tablecloth with holly &
                 candles (120 x 51)

X-07         Tableclothes:  poinsettia & pinecones (57x83) and red with silver poinsettia (49x148)
“Believe” crib quilt with Santa
X-09          Santa wool hooked rug 40” x 40

X-10          Grouping of linens & tablecloths including holiday and Gorham trivet

X-11          Three piece Mirro-Star lights set

X-12          Mirro-Star candolier and musical bells

X-13          Noma 20-light boxed set and bubble lights
X-14         Three boxed sets of Noma lighting
X-15         Three boxed set of Noma lighting
X-16         Lighted visca tree
X-17         Grouping of mid-century aluminum light reflectors
X-18         Three "Holly" cast iron candleholders
X-19         Candle clips, candles and weighted candle clips

188           Oriental hand-decorated drum

189           Two carved wooden masks

190           1950’s TV lamp

191           Dice-top “Hall of Science” Chicago “World’s Fair” carnival cane

192           Grouping of 12 figural Christmas lights

193           Grouping of 13 figural Christmas lights

194           Five boxes of mixed Christmas blown ornaments

195a         Eastlake-style doll swing with caned seat and back

195b         Doll and “Victorian” carriage

196a         Pressed metal ship model with stand

196b         Folk Art river showboat

197           36-inch feather tree with red berries

198           25-inch red-roofed dollhouse chalet

199           Ruthie/Merry Christmas child’s sleigh

200           Scarce antique wheeled- platform horse standing 39 inches

201           Antique three-wheeled wicker doll carriage/stroller with prancing horse

202           Antique wicker doll carriage with velvet accents and detachable umbrella

203           Antique white glider horse with saddle and harness

204           Double-marked “Hoosier” juvenile kitchen cabinet

205           Late 1890’s red sleigh/carriage with gold accents

206           Life-size mechanical Santa     

207A        Antique Dayton Schieble "Hillclimber"  trolley

207B        Antique San Francisco trolley

208           Ives O-gauge 3-piece set of passenger cars

209A        Wind-up Buddy-L green bus

209B        Hafner M-10000 Union Pacific wind-up 3-piece train

209C        Hubley cast iron #1 race car with white rubber wheels

210           Child’s “Hoosier” cupboard, double marked Hoosier

211           Jazzbo-Jim wind-up dancing toy in original box

212           Wyandotte white ambulance

213           Marx “Wm. Krooks” 4-piece train set

214           German Gutzold G-14, 3-piece train in original box   

215A        Marklin 3-rail HO #5920 engine & tender

215B        Marklin 3-rail HO #231-981 engine & tender

215C        Marklin 3-rail HO #3156

215D        Marklin 3-rail HO #3151

215E        Marklin 3-rail HO #3039

216           American Flyer Texas & Pacific A/B set

217           Marx M-10005 “Stream Line” boxed train set

218           Four piece Lionel standard set #42, c.a. 1913-1923

219A        Lionel engine & tender #1835E

219B        Lionel standard gauge 3-piece train set

220           Hough/Nylint “Payloader”

221           American Flyer S-gauge engine, tender, 4 cars and parts in original boxes, excellent


222           American Flyer engine, tender and four cars

223A        American Flyer S-gauge #336 with large motor, horn & original number boards

223B        “Lionel Classics” #384-E engine and tender, NIB

223C        “Lionel Classics” #400-E engine and tender, NIB

223D        Type-ZW transformer

224A        “T-Reproductions” #840 power station, NIB

224B        Eureka diner

224C        Glendale station

225A        American Flyer Franklin 5-piece train set

225B        Lionel O-gauge boxed engine #8615 and tender

225C        Lionel “Great Northern” #8302 engine, NIB

225D        Four Lionel O-gauge “Illinois Central” cars, in original boxes

225E        Lionel “Seagrams” and “I Love Michigan” cars, in original boxes

225F         Four Lionel train cars

226           Three cotton boys on a bobsled

227           Three hard plastics: King Santa; Cap’n Kid & Sandy Sandman

228           Two mohair straw-stuffed dogs

229           Two mohair puppies: Dalmatian & hound

230           Holly shaving mug and doily

231           Wire-wrapped spider in web ornament, 4 ½”

232           Gund Santa with laughing voice box

233           Glass rose candle shade clip-on

234           Sibnitz auto

235           12” Wire-wrapped pink parasol

236           7” Wire-wrapped red hot-air balloon with angel scrap

237           Japanese made Santa train candy container

238           Lithographed paper on wood jumping jack

239           Boy kneeling bisque swinger

240           12-piece hedge fence with gates

241           Tin wind-up celluloid Santa and reindeer

242           Christmas “Valentine” easel-back heart

243           Three pieces Halloween: plastic JOL and witch, and crepe paper witch

244a         Four Gurley turkey candles, 4 ½”

244b         Nine small Gurley Thanksgiving candles

244c         Four large Gurley Thanksgiving candles

244d         Six Halloween Gurley candles

244e         Two 7” Gurley choir boys

245           Four red/silver Indian candy containers

246           Two celluloid Santas

247           Three Santas: Celluloid-faced, Irwin, and plastic

248           Two boxes Thanksgiving Tavern candles

249           "Relpo" Santa nodder and Santa bank

250           Six Sunday School boxes

251           Stand-up Santa Coke ad

252           Royal Santa w/tree in original box

253           Photo with zeppelin and Christmas village

254           Santa suit and mask

255           Strand of wire-wrapped beads

256           Five bottle-brush trees

257           Framed Christmas collage

258           Box of tinsel and foil reflectors

259           Two bird clip-ons: celluloid and bird in nest

260           NO LOT

261           White cardboard village house with Santa, 9” wide base

262           Red cardboard village house with Santa, 7 ½” wide base

263           NO LOT

264           6 ½” Red cardboard Belsnickle

265           Five German figural glass ornaments: Bacchus, fish, fruit basket, spike

266           Four piece German “Four Seasons” china

267           Santa in 10” mica cardboard sleigh with toys

268           German Santa and sled on platform

269           6” Batting Santa with scrap face

270           Occupied Japan celluloid Santa rattle

271           Celluloid Santa car

272           Two celluloid Santas on sleighs

273           German snowman by hut candy container

274           Three lithographed tin candle clips

275           Four embossed tin candle clips

276           Working Howdy Doody milk glass light bulb

277           Pair of bisque kids: huggers and pulling sled

278           Bisque Santa in sailboat

279           Two Dresdens: star and bull

280           Six gold clay ball counter balance candleholders, c.a. 1870

281           Ten glass icicles

282           Twenty-one light bubble light tree

283           Early child’s sled

284           Four soft tin/lead decorations

285           Box of 15 assorted ornaments

286           Box of 20 ornaments

287           Child’s ice skates

288           “X-Mas Joys” velvet/satin violin, 19”

289           Two working Shooting Star bubble lights

290           Three end-of-day ornaments

291           12” Gray cardboard Belsnickle

292           Krampus toy pull-string puppet

293           Three brass baskets

294           Barth Christmas lamp, 18887

295           German stable 17” wide, 12” tall

296           Chalk Uncle Sam

297           Framed scraps of boys & girls

298           Christmas photo with dolls & toys

299           Celluloid Santa and sleigh with 4 bottle brush trees

300           Original box of four “Twinklers”

301           Glass ornaments: Baseball and Bat

302           Three strands of large German glass beads

303           Marx “Knockdown” shooting galley game

304           Mystery “Alpine Express” train with original box

305           Medieval Castel Set

306           Antique “Pin Ball” game

307           Holiday ephemera: Santa die-cuts, song book, and Holiday cards

308           Two multi-light tree toppers (working)

309           Holiday boxes, three-candle boxed set, and honeycomb candle

310           Two celluloid deer, one silver deer bowl, and one gift box

Dolls II

D-29         Five china doll heads

D-30         Madame Alexander doll (as found) and large Heubach Koppelsdorf #267-13 “Thuringia”

                 porcelain head doll with composition body

D-31         Three china head dolls

D-32         Pair of china head dolls

D-33         Nippon 10” porcelain baby doll

D-34         Miniature mesh doll purse

D-35         Two boxes of miniature dolls

D-36         Eleven miniature dolls including “Henry”

D-37         Eight bisque dolls & doll head including boy with bug

D-38         Six miniature bisque dolls

D-39         Steiff set #2558 in original box

D-40         Steiff 100th anniversary 1903 bear with COA

D-41         Steiff 101st anniversary 1903 bear set with COA

D-42         Shirley Temple doll, NIB

D-43         Thirteen miniature bisque dolls & doll head

D-44         Grouping of miniature dolls & frozen charlottes

D-45         Grouping of miscellaneous dolls

D-46         Madame Alexander dolls: Heidi & Laurie NIB

D-47         Madame Alexander dolls: Romeo & Juliet NIB

D-48         Madame Alexander dolls: Heidi & Bo Peep (as found)

D-49         Madame Alexander dolls: Germany; Austria boy (as found) & Austria girl

D-50         Madame Alexander dolls: Brazil; Denmark & Sweden

D-51         Gloria Vanderbilt “Bride Doll” by Danbury Mint

D-52         Danbury Mint dolls: Prince Andrew and Princess Sarah

D-53         Danbury Mint doll: Fairy Godmother

D-54         Doll house with cedar shake shingles with furniture, 20”x20”

D-55         Gingerbread doll house with furniture, 23”x21”

D-56         Gray electrified doll house with furniture, 15 ½”x13”

D-57         Two piece rustic cabin doll house with stone chimney, 9 ½”x12”

D-58         Woodline “Grandma’s House” Victorian style doll house, NIB (unassembled)

Ending Items

E-00         Grouping of Scouting collectibles

E-01         Corgi “Batmobile”, trailer, and “Batboat”

E-02         Corgi “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” automobile

E-03         Corgi “Aerial Rescue” truck and tractor, ca 1966

E-04         Corgi “James Bond's Austin Martin” action cast metal action car

E-05         Four Corgi “Classic” diecast models

E-06         Four Corgi NIB bus diecast models

E-07         Corgi NIB bus model and three “Thomas Built” models

E-08         “Rail King” bus and three mixed NIB die cast bus models

E-09         Two Siku and two “International 3000 Series” diecast bus models

E-10         Four NIB “Bus” banks

E-11         Grouping of NIB & Blister pack bus and other toys

E-12         Grouping of NIB & blister pack Bus and other toys

E-13         8-pc. lead reindeer set

E-14         Two Santas

E-15         Two wax angels

E-16         1991-92 box of hockey wax packs

E-17         1992 “Gameday” trading cards

E-18         Ben Wallace autographed basketball shoes

E-19         Rogers Hornsby 1963 "Bazooka” card

E-20         Larry Vale autographed HOF card
E-21          1967  Barratt "Tarzan" card

E-22         Joan Rivers autographed 8 x 10 photo

E-23         Mary Tyler Moore autographed 8 x 19 photo

E-24         Lebron James 2003 Rookie card (uncut)

E-25         Denny McLain autographed frame

E-26         Sid Able autographed 8 x 10 photo

E-27         Bob Feller autographed frame

E-28         Whitey Ford autographed frame

E-29         Williams/Mantle autographed frame

E-30         Ted Williams autographed frame

E-31         Joe Montana autographed frame

E-32         Sandy Koufax autographed mat

E-33         Reggie Jackson autographed mat

E-34         DiMaggio/Mantle autographed plaque





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100           Cased collection/display of 78 Native Americana points

101           Cased collection/display of 60 Native American points

102           Cased collection of “Illinois” Native American relics

103           Cased collection of mixed Native American blades

104           Cased collection of 64 field grade points

105           Cased collection of pottery shards and beads

106           Cased collection of 20 stone celts

107           Very scarce copper celt measuring 7’’ x 2 ½”

108           Three birdstone heads

109           Cased collection of mixed bannerstones and bases

110           Cased collection of 78 Native American points

111           Cased collection of 63 Native American points

112           cased collection of 40  Native American scrapers

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We are currently accepting consignments for upcoming auctions.  Call us soon to add your antiques, collectibles, dolls & toys, fine art, firearms, art glass & lamps, coins, cabin collectibles, and other quality items to our auctions.

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