Spring Estate Auction

Saturday, April 4, 2015 - 10 AM

Sanctuary Spirits Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Directions: I-96 to Exit 93A then 3 Miles West

The following items will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction at Sanctuary Spirts Hall, Grand Ledge, Michigan on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.   This catalog serves as a numerical listing of the auction highlights. Additional items may be added to the auction.


TERMS: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  All items are sold as is/where is and are subject to a 10% buyer's premium.  Visa/MC/Discover services available for no additional cost.  All bidders must present proper ID.  Checks from established customers or call for check approval.  All sales are final.



This auction event features the many collections of the late Mary Jane Middlebrook. For over 50 years Ms. Middlebrook was a passionate and well known antiques and Christmas collector.


001           Cast iron Black Americana bank

002           Cast iron cat door stop

003           Cast iron banks: “Money bank” and man in hat

004           Cast iron pig bank and cast iron rabbit bank

005           Four cast iron figures: cow, ram, bear, and mariner

006           Two large cast padlocks

007           Primitive wall-mount gentleman’s shaving mirror with comb drawer

008           Wyandotte dump-bed truck

009           Marx “Coke” dump-bed truck

010           Two papier-mâché jack-o-lanterns

011           Blue pressed steel dump truck and blue Structo Cadillac

012           Barbie Set: Two Barbie’s, two travel cases and mixed clothing

013           Madame Alexander “Straw Pig” and “Brick Pig” boxed dolls

014           Madame Alexander “Carmen” boxed doll

015           Madame Alexander “Fairy Godmother” boxed doll

016           Madame Alexander “Honeymooners” boxed doll set

017           Pair of Madame Alexander 11 ½” composition baby dolls

018           A&M 370 “Eileen” 23 ½-inch doll

019           R&B 20 ½” comp doll with white dress and necklace

020a         Freundlich 11-inch comp doll in travel trunk

020b         Pair of cloth dolls with embroidered eyes and facial features

020c         Set of eight Detroit Tiger glasses

021           “Golden Rule” flat-faced wall-mount coffee grinder

022           “Golden Rule” flat-faced wall-mount coffee grinder 

023           French tin coffee grinder

024           Two 2-spool turned wooden bases

025           Stereo viewer

026           Wall-mount wooden spool/sewing box with single drawer                                      

027           Antique sewing bird, double cushion

028           Antique sewing bird, single cushion

029           Gray granite double match holder and mini brass bed warmer

030           Wire ware tea pot and wire ware footed basket

031           “Owl” tea tin (as found)

032           Powder tin and tin litho sugar tin

033           English porcelain dog and barrel-form wooden spice grinder

034           Cast iron flag stand

035           Wire ware toaster and wire ware candle snuffer

036           Wire ware “star” broom holder

037           Blue & White porcelain egg holder

038           Blue tin advertising match holder

039           Cast iron “Fireman’s Insurance” fire mark

040           Sigwalt #10 cast iron card printing press

041           Cast iron “Enterprise” cherry pitter

042           7-piece tin spice set

043           2 wall-mount egg timers

044           Wire ware wall-mount brush holder

045           Woven wall-mount ½ basket

046           Wooden cheese slicer

047           Wall-mount 9 ½” tin litho thermometer

048           Metal hanging display

049           Faux wood pressed paper string holder and 4” decorated treen egg

050           Pin cushion in ornate metal holder and two additional pin cushions

051           Lustre “Motto” plate

052           Porcelain dog motif mug and Juvenile paste ware pitcher

053           Paste ware 5” match holder

054           European oil on panel 6”x 9” winter scene

055           Ruby-flash “Lake View, Michigan” cardholder and blue glass muffineer

056           Blue 8-inch zipper-cut glass vase with square rim

057           Hanging green art glass honeycomb lamp

058           Mason’s “Vista” teapot

059           Porcelain master bowl and four porcelain berry bowls

060           Cranberry vase with applied rigaree and blue opalescent fern low bowl

061           Green Bohemian vase with metal lip

062           Cranberry Bohemian vase attributed to Moser

063           Blue glass twist-top decanter

064           French majolica 9 ¾ inch “Strawberry” plate

065           Native American geometric block rug (minor bleeding)

066           Two-piece beaded pouch

067           Grouping of Chintz porcelain items to sell as one lot

068           Fireplace bellows and miniature bellows

069           Tin-litho house bank

070           French opera glasses

071           Wall-mount chalkware “Persian” head

072           Grouping of darning eggs to be sold as one lot

073           Decorated Native basket with handle

074           Eastlake half-shelf with mirror

075           “Holly” decorated comb box and “Holly” dresser mirror

076           Tin Santa mold

077           Union Leader “Holly” tobacco tin

078           Decorated clay Christmas bottle and Ruby flash holiday lamp

079           Two “Holly” cast iron candleholders

080           “Holly” comb case and “Holly” gift boxed Reed & Barton spreader set

081           St Nicholas candy mold and Santa candy mold

082           Metal birdcage holiday ornament

083           Hand-painted fishing decoy

084           Papier-mâché “chicks” candy container and papier-mâché pig candy container (as is)

085           German mini porcelain figure  with two paper candy container stocking

086           Flower-form 4-inch majolica creamer

087           Tin-litho “sports” tin

088           Tin-litho “circus” tin

089           Tin-litho “Chi-Ches-Ters” pills tin

090           Redware smoke set

091           Two reference books: Modern Collector’s Dolls and Whitman Juvenile Books

092           Complete set of 6 Incolay Voyage of Ulysses plates

093           Six Bradford Exchange Russian Legends Fairy Tale plates

094           Japanese 6-inch pigeon blood cloisonné vase

095           Sterling silver lion pendant (6.7 grams)

096           Two Native American Indian silver and turquoise rings

097           2 pair of rhinestone earrings, 2 Christmas pins, eagle scarf holder and rhinestone cross

098           Ladies art glass hat pin and 2 men’s stick pins

099           Two partial celluloid manicure sets

100           Two vintage irons

101           1960’s Ted Williams baseball glove

102           1980 Effanbee W.C. Fields doll

103           1983 Effanbee Sherlock Holmes doll

104           1985 Effanbee “I Love Lucy” doll

105           Steiff Maxi/Mole (2180/15) and Steiff Meerschweinchen (053702) guinea pig

106           Steiff tea set #8605/15


Vintage Cap Pistol Collection

C-00         Cap gun reference book and Train and Toy reference books
C-01         Hubley “Patrol” 50-shot cap pistol with box

C-02         Benton Harbor Novelty “Dick” cap pistol with box

C-03         Hubley “Texan” 50-shot repeating pistol in box

C-04         Hubley “Texan” 50-shot repeating pistol in box

C-05         “The Sheriff” cap gun and holster set

C-06         “Anti-Aircraft” cast iron artillery gun

C-07         Gold derringer cap gun with “pearl” handle

C-08         Daisy pressed metal BB pistol

C-09         Cast metal cannon with black metal wheels

C-10         Leather cap pistol holster with two red gems

C-11         Two double-barrel pop guns

C-12         “Cast Iron Toy Pistols 1870-1940” reference book by Charles Best

C-13         “Buck N Bronc” cap pistol

C-14         “G-Man” cap pistol marked “K”

C-15         “Army 45” cast metal cap pistol

C-16         “Gene Autry” cap pistol with ‘pearl” handle

C-17         “Captain” cap pistol with “pearl” handle insets

C-18         Metal squirt gun and silvered cap pistol

C-19         “K” Six Shooter cap pistol

C-20         “Ra-Ta-Ta-Tat” machine gun cap pistol with crank

C-21         “K” Big Bill cap pistol

C-22         Stevens “Echo” 4 ½-inch cap pistol

C-23         Hubley 6-inch “Pal” cap pistol

C-24         K “Big Bill” 6-inch cap pistol

C-25         Kenton “Corker” 6 ½-inch cap pistol

C-26         Kenton “Long boy” 11 ¼ -inch cap pistol

C-27         Unmarked cap gun attributed to Kilgore

C-28         “Mars” cap pistol and Kenton “Jax” 4-inch cap pistol

C-29         “Rodeo” cap pistol and “Pet” cap pistol

C-30         Aluminum “Dick” cap pistol and Stevens “Clip” cap pistol

C-31         Kenton “Lasso ‘Em Bill” 9-inch cap pistol

C-32         Stevens “Navy” double barrel 4 ¼- inch cap pistol

C-33         Kenton - S “Two Time” 9 ¼ -inch cap pistol

C-34         Kilgore “Federal Repeater No. 1” and Stevens “25 Jr.” cap pistols

C-35         Engraved “Ranger” 8-inch pistol and “USA” engraved cap pistol

C-36         Mid-century “Strato Gun” cap gun

C-37         Mid-century “paper-popper” pop gun

C-38         Mid-century “Colt 3” pistol and 1930’s pressed metal pistol

C-39         Two Hubley “Trooper” cap pistols

C-40         Mid-century Hubley “Dagger Derringer” and Mid-century “Multi Pistol”

C-41         Mid-century “Smokey” cap gun and Stevens “Terror” cap pistol

C-42         National cast iron 1st model “automatic” w/slip trigger and National 2nd model cap gun

C-43         Kilgore 1910 5-inch cap pistol and “Crescent Berea O” cap pistol

C-44         Kilgore 1930 “Sport” mammoth-cap cap gun and Stevens “Echo” cap gun

C-45         1925 Stevens “King” cap pistol and 1910 Stevens “Navy” cap pistol

C-46         Early cast iron toy pistol and 1925 Stevens “King” cap pistol

C-47         Kilgore “Big Bill” large-cup cap pistol and Stevens 3 ½ inch “Cowboy” pistol w/holsters

C-48         1895 Stevens “Pluck” 3 ½ inch cap pistol and 1878 Stevens cap 3 ¼ inch cap pistol

C-49         Stevens 1935, 3 ½ inch “Cowboy” pistol and Dent “Big Chief” 1930 3 1/2inch pistol

C-50         Ives “Sambo” head cap pistol dated June 21 1887

C-51         Stevens 1876, 4 3/8 inch cap pistol and Stevens “Pluck” 3 ½-inch cap pistol

C-52         Two paper advertising “Bang” guns

C-53         Three 1950’s cap gun and holster sets

107           Tiffany Studios NY two-ring ashtray # 1710

108           Tiffany Studios NY Pine Needle calendar frame w/calendar inserts # 3941

109           Tiffany decorated Favrile vase with green pulled feather design “7170 J”

110           Tiffany Studios NY four-arm candelabra “D 556-14”

111           Handel “Owl” humidor

112           Cranberry: Early English tankard pitcher with applied crystal drip handle, 8”

113           Cranberry: Early English melon ribbed pitcher with applied reed handle, 8 ½”

114           Cranberry: Stevens & Williams oblong basket with thorn applied handle

115           Cranberry: Steven & Williams round ruffled basket with thorn applied handle

116           Tiffany Studios: Scarce inverted “Geometric” hanging lamp with turtleback roundel

117           Tiffany Studios: 14 ½” x 12 ½” Grapevine picture frame # 916

118           Tiffany Studios: 7 ½” x 6 ¼” Grapevine frame # 918

119           Steuben gold Aurene atomizer

120           Tiffany Studios: Zodiac pen tray # 1000

121           Outstanding vintage heavy weight silver and turquoise decorated belt

122           Wide sterling bracelet (33.8 grams)

123           Sterling pendent and earring set (11.5 grams)

124           Set of six sterling forks 29.4 grams)

125a         Heavy sterling and turquoise ring (11.6 grams)

125b         Hammered sterling ring (7.2 grams)

125c         Ornate and heavy golden bracelet

126           Tiffany Studios: Abalone compote # 1703

127           Tiffany Studios: Abalone twelve-inch blotter ends # 1153

128           Tiffany Studios: Zodiac magnifying glass # 928

129           Tiffany Studios: Pine Needle valet/jewelry box # 816

130           Tiffany Studios: Pine Needle rocker blotter

131           Royal Doulton: “Darling: HN 1985 figurine

132           Royal Doulton: “Top of the Hill” Corp. 1937 figurine

133           Royal Doulton: “Santa” with stocking and toys handle

134           Royal Doulton: “Santa” with girl and drum handle, signed by Michael Doulton

135           Tiffany Studios: Grapevine upright three-place pen holder with signature tag

136           Tiffany Studios: Grapevine bill spindle # 961

137           Tiffany Studios: Pine Needle match stand # 958

138a         Steuben Aurene ruffled salt

138b         Steuben Aurene rolled-rim open salt

139           LCT: pinched shot glass “Q 5544”

140           LCT: footed salt “M 8707”

141           Steuben: Signed Aurene  #2361 finger bowl and underplate

142           Stevens & Williams: Pair “Pineapple” cased glass vases

143           Stevens & Williams: Americana Brilliant period tankard pitcher, 11 inches

144           Limoges 23-inch platter decorated with gold traced rim

145           Large and dramatic artist signed 11 ½” double-face jug

146a         Moser bowl and underplate, Cranberry           

146b         Moser bowl and underplate, green/vaseline

146c         Moser bowl and underplate, green/vaseline

146d         Moser bowl and underplate, cranberry

146e         Moser bowl and underplate, green/vaseline

146f          Moser demitasse cup/saucer set 

147           Victorian enamel decorated pitcher

148           Tiffany Studios: Grapevine 19-inch blotter ends # 999          

149           Tiffany Studios: Pine Needle 19-inch blotter ends # 999


Art - Art Tiles – Rugs - Carvings

A-00         C. Fritz, listed Montana artist , oil on board 12’ x 15’

A-01         Original Icart “Chestnut Vendor” etching

A-02         Original Icart “Hydrangeas” etching

A-03         Original Icart “Ballerina” etching

A-04         Original Salvador Dali “Paradise 31  woodcut

A-05         Original pastel by Glattaar, 14 x 26 (image)

A-06         Original pastel by Hobbs, 10 x 24 (image)

A-07         8 ½ inch Inuit carving of man carrying seal

A-08         Two Inuit carvings: seal on rock, and swimming goose

A-09         Spelter Art Nouveau 26 ½” casting on ornate base

A-10a       50” x 30” Indo-Persian hand woven rug, excellent condition

A-10b       24” x 36” Indo-Bidjar rug in red/blue tones

A-11         “Fisherman’s Cove”, oil on canvas signed Dean Close, 24 x 30

A-12         Joyce Wooten watercolor, pencil signed, 8 ½ x 11 visible

A-13         Framed juvenile Americana Encaustic 6” nursery rhyme tile

A-14         Framed 6” Mosaic architectural geometric tile

A-15         Framed 6” Pewabic architectural tile

A-16         Framed 5” Flint Faience yellow/blue tile

A-17         Framed 6” Flint Faience “Dolphin King” tile, orange/green

A-18         Framed 5” Flint Faience tile, yellow/blue

A-19         Framed 6” California Art Tile “Dutch” windmill scene

A-20         Oil on canvas 19 x 23 with juvenile and farm scene

A-21         Oil on canvas portrait, Lady with broach (24 x 30) in ornate frame

A-22         Oil on canvas portrait, 24 x 20, signed “Chas. D. Leon 1895”

A-23         Oil on canvas portrait, Man with mustache (22 x 17)

A-24         Oil on canvas after “Deacon Jones’ Experience”, Ryder -  Cleveland

A-25         Watercolor (13” oval) in Currier & Ives style, signed “Woodhouse – Artist”

A-26         “Winter” and “James and his Dog” hand-tinted prints, B. Brumell, publisher

A-27         Hand-tinted fashion print, “America – Autumn” and Currier & Ives calendar print

A-28         Two framed Gila tiles, road runners

A-29         Two framed Gila tiles, owl and mallard

A-30         Two framed road runner Gila tiles

A-31         Four framed Gila tiles

A-32         Arts & Crafts bookrack with Cecil Alden prints

A-33         Two framed Gila road runner tiles

A-34         Four-tile and cast iron stand

A-35         Miniature easel-back child’s portrait on porcelain

A-36         Limited Edition “Picasso Exhibition” lithograph for Gallery International

A-37         Pablo Picasso lithograph “Santa Claus”, matted with 11” x 10” visible


150           Antique “Holly” oil cloth Christmas tree mat

151           Wyandotte “Emergency Service” tow truck

152           Early Hubley cast iron reindeer team and Santa’s sleigh

153           Cast iron horse team and caisson

154           1967 Ideal “Careful” boxed game

155           1950’s battery op. “mixer”

156           Original “Twins Feather Trees” 18-inch feather tree, signed

157           Unusual 12-inch lighted sapphire blue visca tree

158           Wooden display with four antique candy molds

159           Group of Christmas ephemera: Cards, puzzles, Ideal book, etc.

160           Group: Candelabra, “Father Christmas” candle set, and cookie cutter set

161           Two Flemish Art frames and one oval tea tile

162           “Merry Christmas” cup & saucer and one wooden keepsake box

163           Nine-place bubble light display

164           Two boxed Santa pop-up books and one “Christmas Time In Action” pop-up book

165           Two NOS “Skull and Crossbones” cardboard lanterns

166           “Trick or Treat” candy containers in box and two Christopher Radko ornaments

167           Boxed “Tavern” witch candle and two Halloween candles

168           Grouping of Halloween wax

169           J.O.L. blow mold lamp and Halloween party hat grouping

170           19 “Gurley” Halloween wax candles

171           Two plastic Halloween horns and one cotton snowman

172           Chein 1920’s noise maker

173           One “U.S. Metal Toy Co.” noise maker and one “T. Conn” noise maker

174           Two “T. Conn” noise makers

175           Three 1920-1930’s noise makers

176           Grouping of “Trick or Treat” candy bags

177           Large grouping of Halloween “pick” cake decorations

178           Scarce “Bat” Dresden and two papier-mâché Dracula ornaments

179           Halloween cookie cutters and two spinners

180           Halloween ephemera:”Witchal” and party invitations

181           Halloween ephemera: Lantern, place cards, streamers

182           Halloween ephemera: party decorations, vintage cups, crepe paper

183           Halloween group: Door bell, tall J.O.L, Halloween products

184           Thanksgiving: Three turkey candles

185           Thanksgiving: Composition Pilgrim doll and 1950’s plastic log cabin

186           Thanksgiving: Ephemera, Glass turkey, candles, nut cups ups, place & tally cards, etc.

187           Box of craft chenille

188           Easter: 1950’s chalk bunny and small Easter basket

189           Easter: Bunny candy mold and Easter basket candy mold

190           “Christmas Carols” song books, candle clips, and Barclay metal figures

191           “Twelver Days of Christmas” caged singing bird and German glass Santa basket

192           Glass domed Christmas tree

193           1893 flat metal paper weight

194           One Christmas rug and one Halloween rug

195           Box of seven collectible Christmas ornaments: Old World, Inge-Glas, and B. Lowe

196           Papier-mâché boot, corrugated holiday sign, and die-cut calendar top

197           Elf nut cracker, cast iron horse and jockey, and brass angel candlestick

198           Halloween: Wooden Halloween witch, JOL candy box, cat snow globe, etc.

199           Halloween: Five 1950’s plastic candy containers and one metal noise maker

200           Mixed: Valentines and St. Patrick’s nut cup

201           Patriotic: Beistle honeycomb center piece, cookie cutters, two Victory star candles

202           Group: Mixed holiday items in three holiday tins

203           Wooden 46-inch metal hull sail boat on wooden stand

204           Black on black Native American low bowl

205a         Stabley Pottery totem vase, signed

205b         Stabley Pottery carved bird vase, signed

206a         Lladro: Figurine, girl and grandfather clock, artist signed

206b         Lladro: Figurine, Dad and daughter project, artist signed

206c         Lladro: Figurine, Mother and infant figurine

207           Face jug marked Mud Dabbers, 2002

208           Seventeen-inch VanBriggle turquoise leaf-form vase

209           Franciscan Desert Rose: Soup tureen and 13” charger

210           Franciscan Desert Rose: Covered cookie jar and cream/sugar set

211           Franciscan Desert Rose: 14” platter and gravy boat

212           Franciscan Desert Rose: 8” bowl, 10” bowl, and 4 square sandwich plates

213           Franciscan Desert Rose: 10 dinner plates, 10 sandwich plates

214           Franciscan Desert Rose: 10 c/s sets, 10 fancy c/s sets and 13 cereal bowls

215           Burled and inlaid humidor

216           Peruvian solid brass gaucho stirrups

217           Ornate turquois and gold enameled bowl

218           W. Biscombe and Johnson & Pembroke ginger bear pottery bottles

219           Brown drip-glaze pottery vase and two-tone A&C vase

220           Blue southern pottery basket and southern pottery strawberry pot

221           Two southern pottery ewers

222           W. Cole drip-glaze pot and two southern pottery mini ewers

223           Two rifles to be sold as one lot

224           Set of eight porcelain soda shop dispensers

225           Carved cork village in black lacquer display

226           Large jar of mi-century glass marbles

227           “Snoopy” rotary telephone

228           “Mickey Mouse” rotary telephone

229           Three albums of real photo and other railroad related postcards

230           Two Heritage Mint clowns and one unidentified clown

231           Scarce red/green “Ice Skate” sled/chair

232a         Red and green bird cage

232b         Punched tin and wire bird cage

233a         Wooden bird cage measuring 42” x 30”

233b         Bird cage with floor stand

234           Child’s wooden baking center with white porcelain pulls

235           Eastlake wall-mount shaving mirror with towel bar

236           Oak wall-mount drop-front writing desk

237           Spinning wheel

238           Red wooden hobby horse

239           Folk Art red and green hanging corner spool shelf

240           Juvenile sled

241           Wooden umbrella stand

242           Large wooden spice box

243           Folk Art whirly gig

244           Blue/white salt glaze dispenser (as found)

245           Bent wood doll cradle

246           English redware smoke set

247           Celluloid collar box with hydrangea decoration

248           Treenware hanging dryer

249           Maple candle sconce

250           Treenware tobacco humidor

251           Boxed Bakelite domino set

252           Two pasteware creamers

253           Flow Blue bowl and blue/white mini bowl

254           Roseville Clematis 667-5” pottery bowl

255           Imperial Lustre bowl

256           Oriental blue and white  bowl

257           Oriental covered bowl and oval Oriental covered bowl

258           Three punched tin stars

259           Six section tin candle mold

260           Tin coffee & Tea canisters

261           Shaker shifter

262           Wesson Oil 5 ½ inch blue/white crock

263           Hanging black cast metal display with bracket and white heavy wire display

264           Hanging wire string holder

265           Penn. Dutch wall-mount pipe holder

266           “Frankfort Distilleries” advertising ash tray with spider web motif

267           Small tin litho cage

268           Wire star-form broom holder

269           Blue tin litho wall-mount “Ohio Mill”

270           Framed paper infantry soldier set

271           Woven ½-basket

272           Two juvenile flue covers

273           Turned 23 ½-inch wooden cane/pointer

274           Juvenile cookie cutter necklace, wooden bead necklace, and spool necklace

275           Two wooden pencil box dolls

276           Two wooden feather tree fences

277           Two wooden red/green feather tree fences

278           Tin litho music box

279           Wooden clown shelf and wooden spring-head clown

280           Vintage clown jack-in-the-box

281           Felt and papier-mâché clown puppet and celluloid monkey doll

282           Colorful Hohner accordion

283           Cast iron “Bank of Republic Pig Iron” pig bank

284           Cast iron church bank

285           Folk Art church/holiday display

286           Scrap Santa and “dog” tobacco squares

287           Nippon doll with kid leather legs and forearms

288           Schoenhut clown

289           China head doll with quilt and clown doll with oil cloth face

290           “Holly” Flemish Art frame and “September” Wedgwood plate

291           Folk art metal rooster weather vane

292           Looking glass with hand-painted church scene

293           Child’s doll green doll dresser with Eastlake decoration

294           Toleware document box with handle

295           “Little Lady” toy sweeper (Grand Rapids)

296           Stencil-painted three-drawer doll dresser

297           Blue enamel kerosene heater

298           Twelve-drawer tramp-art juvenile doll display

299           Wire baby buggy 24” x 25”

300           Childs enameled hotel commode with white bowl insert

301           Buffalo Pottery: Plate with handles and additional plate (as found)

302           Four 1960’s calendars

303           Beaded purse and three beaded necklaces

304           Grouping of “older” Matchbox toys

305           Large grouping of Matchbox – Corgi and other collectible toys

306           Grouping of Fischer Body collectibles

307           Promo Caterpillar and Buick Regal, both in original boxes

308           Grouping of pearl sets to be sold as announced

309           Signed “Ben Wallace” basketball shoes

310           Two boxed sport card sets

311           Celluloid box with child brush set

312           Two blue “corn” shakers

313           Treenware covered dresser dish with porcelain knob

314           Small dresser-top round mirror on stand

315           Pair of “Colonial” figural candlesticks

316           Three antique photos

317           Cranberry enamel decorated bowl in metal footed frame

318           Wall display with collection of medical boxes and advertising

319           Musical table-top celluloid photo album

320           Cast iron table-top nine-inch mirror

321           Two cast iron “Ice Wagon” toys

322           Antique wooden carpenters’ chest

323           Hand painted porcelain Art Nouveau center compote

324           Two feather fans and four pin/sachet cushions

325           Oblong cushion with five broach/pins

326           Mini jewelry casket and brass soapbox

327           Two beaded purses (one as found)

328           Red beaded purse and red beaded coin purse

329           Champlevé purse mirror, wax face ornament and one picture nail

330           Three vintage purses

331           Biscuit tin with Native American motif

332           Photo album and two-piece onyx-type dresser pair

333           Hand-tinted juvenile slide, alphabet frame, and child’s alphabet plate

334           Original Bye-Lo doll

335           “Living Room of John Alden” looking glass and hand-painted looking glass

336           Walnut wall mirror and folk art decorated scrub board

337           Miniature Waterbury carriage clock with porcelain dial

338           Metal cigarette case and metal snuff tin

339           Sandwich glass Vaseline whale oil lamp, electrified

340           German porcelain covered cat dresser fairling

341           Two antique rug beaters

342           Two antique comb cases

343           Miniature flour sifter and hand-painted wooden pepper grinder

344           Three metal kitchen collectibles

345           Heuback-Koppelsdorf baby doll

346           Two butterflies in domed display

347           Decorated Christmas tree in domed display

348           Cast iron horse-drawn fire truck

349           Four punched tin panels

350           Tin comb case and tin match strike

351           Wire ware fruit basket with fruit and ophthalmoscope

352           Two Native American prints

353           Measuring spoon set, advertising shoehorn, and two tin egg dippers

354           Four nutmeg graters

355           Two antique woven ring pot scrubbers

356           Holiday candle lantern with smoke bell

357           German parceling fairling with boy on bed

358           German porcelain figural bottle

359           Alphabet folding stool; puppet guitar and bottle

360           Wooden house and blocks

361           Double match holder and advertising comb tray

362           Three metal graters

363           Child’s green spool telephone (John C. Meyer Mfg.) and matching telephone stand

364           Wire ware coal scoop and two wire ware holders

365           Three toleware spice tins

366           Toleware bowl and oval covered toleware box

367           Two toleware trays

368           Grouping of papier-mâché and glass eggs

369           Three “button” advertising hooks (one as found)

370           Grouping of brass and porcelain pulls

371           Hobo candy mold and Christmas cheese slicer

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We are currently accepting consignments for upcoming auctions.  Call us soon to add your antiques, collectibles, dolls & toys, fine art, firearms, art glass & lamps, coins, cabin collectibles, and other quality items to our auctions.

Call 800-919-1950 for a free, confidential, no obligation assessment of your collection, estate or individual items.  We gladly offer a full range of services to meet your individual needs.

Call us soon to add your items to this or other upcoming auctions.


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